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    i´m training Muay Thai and a bit mma. Yesterday i had hard sparring, i got headache today, i think it comes from the one heavy Head Kick. Sad my Sparring Partner went nearly full Power with only Venum Instep Shinguards, he is taller than me and has 6 Real fights, im Training only since 1 year with 6 months off cause of shoulder injury from downhill racing.... I have really short reach and short legs, i have an long upper body...
    I must take a few strikes to get in range.

    I want invest in good Headgear.
    I read that the winning is the best, but it is very expensive. Im looking for an alternative to Winning. The problem is, im from Gemany and dont have acess to Uma, r2c etc.
    The headgear should allow for a good sight, because im small 5"8.5 and msut look upwards whole time to see the Enemys Face/Gloves.
    I rode positive reviews about this quantum Headgear. The Haybusa t3 looks nice too, and the t3 should support good sight.

    Shall i try the quantum or the t3?

    I´m thankfull for every advice or alternative.

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