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    Hello guys ! I'm finding a strength training program to improve my strength for striking (not include heavy bag work , pad work , footwork ,...etc). Here is my old schedule in Muay Thai :
    *In the morning :
    Run for 3 miles or 15 minutes skipping rope
    3 set of 5 minutes shadow boxing
    *4 to 6 hours later :
    -50 Squats
    -50 Forward Jumping Squats
    -50 Side Jumping Squats
    -3 Sets of MAX Push-ups
    -3 x 3 Minute Rounds Jump Rope
    -3 x 3 Minute Rounds Punches with Dumbbells
    -3 x 5 Minute Rounds Bag Work
    -3 Sets MAX Sit-ups
    -3 Sets of 25 Side Bends w/ weight (each side)
    -2 Sets of Gymnastic Bridge to Failure
    -3 Sets of 15 Neck Raises w/ weight on a rope hanging from mouth
    -2 Minutes Tennis Ball Foot Juggling (each leg)
    *Some times with weight training .
    I found this https://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/train-like-striking-truth-star-georges-st-pierre.html , I wonder does it works .
    Please give me some advises , I don't have enough cash for luxury gym though .
    --------------------Thanks all for reading --------------------
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    read the FAQ of this board to get a direction. ask your coach and stronger training partners.

    you should do a beginner barbell routine or some sound progression with bodyweight exercises. starting strength or stronglifts are popular beginner barbell routines. startbodyweight.com has a good progression of calisthenics more focused on strength.

    the bas rutten audio workouts are good to follow for bag work/conditioning if you workout alone or at home.
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