Life In A Japanese Prison [Video]

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    Its an interesting documentary about life in one of the most strict and toughest Prisons in Japan the Fuchu Prison in Tokyo!

    The prison employs a military style discipline most foreign criminals are sent to this prison where they have to cope, minimal social interaction and strict disciplinary codes and lose their identities as in this prison an inmate is only referred to by his prison ID number.

    Prisoners where given a strict schedule of exercise and labor, labor and being productive is mandatory as the Japanese prison system emphasizes discipline and rehabilitation and they want the inmates to learn some trade skills, to better prepare them to the outside world if ever they will be released.

    *Cliff notes*

    - The prisson employs military style discipline, an inmate is required to take part in daily marches and is required to salute the prison guard

    - social interaction is strictly controlled,laughter and chatting during work hours is forbidden prisoners who scream to much will be sent to an isolation cell

    - Foreigners are given their own solo cells while Japanese Prisoners can share a cell with up to 8 inmates

    - Violence, Rapes,riots and murders are very rare in Fuchu prisons as every thing is calculated and follows a strict schedule like a daily ritual, cells are inspected daily, letters are all censored and any behavior deemed inappropriate are corrected immediately.

    - All Prison guards are black belts in Karate and Aikidokido

    - Escape attempts are almost non existent


    This is really fascinating based on the video every thing seems so orderly for a prison, according to the video the guards are not abusive at all and physical contact is avoided as much as possible.

    The guards don't carry weapons other than a baton.

    Is it really organized as it seems? Or Bukkake every day every 2:00pm to 5:30pm?
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    Where do you think they get 50 guys to jerk off in tighty whities and skeet on a snaggletooth?

    EDIT: OK, I watched the first 8 minutes and that is the Japanesiest of prisons. Not surprised there are so many rules in the land of rules.
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  3. Pwent Guest

    japanese culture would make for more orderly inmates than the culture in american inner cities, but i still think their system would be an improvement over here

    our prisons are a university for criminals, not a rehabilitation. if someone is in a tight spot or on hard times, and commits a crime, they get sent to hang out with a bunch of hardened criminals to do nothing all day but hang out and discuss committing more crimes. then they get out and nobody will hire them, but theyre armed with more knowledge on how to sell drugs/rob shit, like what do you think will happen

    lots of us prisons arent even cells. its just a warehouse social club for criminals. where theyre just bored and have nothing to do but form gangs and start trouble with each other


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    I want to get locked up in there just so I can KO all the guards and inmates
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    I've watched that documentary in the past and the best part if the last three minutes when the prison leader rebuts criticism of the Japanese prison system.

    Jail is not supposed to be fun but it is not supposed to be dangerous either. Japanese prison seems the best suited to actually reforming people. Notice the prisoners are allowed sport, recreation and education opportunities. Compare that to our prisons where you work for a corporation for 20 cents an hour and have to deal with violence and gangs.
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    It would be interesting to see some numbers. As in how much does it cost to house an inmate per year.
    And how high is the re-offending rate? Compared to other first world countries like Norway or Netherland.

    Not 100% comparable of course because Japanese still is a bit different.
    But an interesting approach to the prison system compared to the "North-Euorpean" way of handing out short sentences and the prison life is relatively comfortable.
    Which in return produces the lowest re-offending rates.
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    Would like to know, also. All I know is I'd rather go to Japanese prison than US. Or that Phillipians prison where all they do is Thriller dancing.
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    So humble, so disciplined, so

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