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    Hello, I am sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this on, but I wasn't sure where this would fit. Originally made to be a reference piece so I wouldn't forget people's names, I began to make a list of my favorite fighters - some I thought were interesting and wanted to check out, some I loved to watch, some I didn't really enjoy watching, but I couldn't deny their skill - and eventually it grew into a small project with a bit of a different goal. I wanted to make a list of skilled fighters from my favorite competitive arts and give it to anyone who would be interested in jumping into them.

    I felt very lost when I first got into Kickboxing, so I was hoping if someone found this, they wouldn't have to get frustrated about not knowing what to search for or who. I have a link for download, but I understand some may have reservations about downloading a file from a stranger, so I uploaded it onto Google Docs as well so it can simply be viewed (although I will forewarn that Docs didn't take to my formatting choices and the document looks a bit messed up). I hope all of you can use this and if I should post this somewhere else instead of in here, please let me know! And of course, I am not perfect, so if any information is incorrect or should be added, feel free to say so. Thank you guys.

    Download link:!O9FAgShJ!WgQ-8MODy-529yfBVQjX8xqPtLjiWfu4nkJmKUP7jms

    Google Docs link:
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