Best headgear for Muay Thai (brands as well as style [mexican, open face, etc...]

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    I have owned a shit ton of gloves, but when it came to head gear, I got a twins, and then went straight to the winning fg 2900.

    I no longer own it and need one for some MT action brah.

    So whats the best style and brands for Kickboxing/Muay Thai?

    I was looking at R2C Mexican, Rival traditional head gear, Title Platinum ($40 one), open fairtex, Fairtex Super Sparring (I dont like the chin bar, my twins which is too small for me has one, but if its good Ill pick her up).

    Id have to keep it around $60. Im not used to dealing with kicks so Im not sure if the mexican style will obscure vision of those. Some boxers who are slick I know actually prefer the open face head gear for vision but that wasn't me, but including kicks it might be beneficial but I might spar some legit boxing dudes too so I guess it's going to do double duty, but for right now, priority is KB/MT.

    Thanks for any help,
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    Sep 21, 2013
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    good luck... fire sports makes the best one i have seen for kb or muay and it is not great it moves around alot.

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