Any vegetarian athletes here?

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    Unless you have some moral/ethical reason to go vegan or vegetarian, there is no reason to drop meat completely.

    You can get all the benefits of a vegan/vegetarian diet without the drawbacks by increasing your fruit and vegetable intake and still selectively including healthy animal proteins.

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    Im sort of a vegetarian. I have no issue with meat i just find myself not consuming it really. I still do eat fish though.

    My diet is basically made up of eggs,milk/soy milk, nuts/seeds, oats, bread, fruits and veggies, some sort of fatty fish (sardines,salmon, rainbow trout), cheese, whey
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    I've been a vegetarian for about 20 years and vegan for the last 7 or so. My main reasons are ethical ones. I've done a lot of training in muay Thai and kickboxing, a little grappling, and lately mainly just some basic weight training for fitness and health.

    When I was younger it was hard to find all these fancy meat substitute products, but now they are everywhere. Personally, I consider all the soy meats junk food (as well as any other processed food) and try to consume in moderation.

    I would suggest going vegetarian for a while before trying to go full on vegan as it will take a while to transition your eating habits properly. If you're worried about iron, its easy to get enough from vegan sources, especially if you drink almond / soy / cashew / whatever milk with a beg friendly protein powder. My wife is also vegan and our kids (12 & 16) have never had any meat their entire lives.

    Some starter cookbooks you nay want to look at are Thug Kitchen and The Veganomicon.
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