Advice For New Pair Of Boxing Gloves!

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Discussion' started by oocampo, Oct 9, 2017.

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    Oct 3, 2017
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    Hi im 250 6'2 , i currently had the TITLE Infused Foam Ignite I-Tech Training Gloves, Red/White, 18 oz ( returned because of the thumb on the glove was pinching my hands and the velcro was a hassle) n also the Fairtex BGV9 ( returned because the wrist was so long and it was lowkey ugly but goddam those gloves were quality made , comfort 9.5/10 a lil to dense ) . I currently spar 2x a week and bag work 5x a week. So RN im trying to look for some gloves and my problem is that i could afford any of these gloves im going to list but what i want to know is, is one worth paying more for quality/durability/comfort because who doesn't want to save money and i pretty sure there all amazing gloves but i want to know should i pay that extra 10$ just to get the one glove over the other glove . so what im currently interested in are

    Ring To Cage c17 100$
    Rival RS2V 120$
    Cleto Reyes Training Glove 120$ (used might go away soon ) option though
    Fighting Sports Training Gloves 90-99$
    Sabas SS or Pro 110-130$ ( prob will be the best options but they dont have no nice pairs at 16 oz atm and dont really want to pay more for custom and wait a long time for it )
    UMA RT 41s 120- 130$

    What im looking for in a glove is Quailty, Durability,Comfort and Style i like me a clean all white glove like winning but cant afford it atm . If im paying more than 90-100$ i really want this glove to last.

    BTW Currently im using the 20$ cheap everlast glove n i swear i feel super comfortable in it but its cheap and everything is breaking down but goddam they feel really comfortable towards my hand and doesnt really hurt when i hit the bag
  2. Woldog

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    For the same prices you can get some Topboxers that you may be able to customize exactly how you want. The long cuff is my only gripe with the fairtex BGV9's (I'm short so they go almost too my elbows I swear) but I love them. Topboxer provide some good gloves that can be used for training and sparring and look great and the quality is excellent.
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  3. Kick_@ss_Seabass

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    +1 for TopBoxer.

    I really liked the Rival RS2V. The padding is super protective and they feel awesome on bag and pads too. The only negative is the dual Velcro. Second glove is a bit hard to put one.
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  4. danboxing

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    Jul 14, 2016
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    C17: I don't like for bag work
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  5. Ryyonvin

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    I would go with the rivals based off your list, I've used a pair before and they were really really comfortable and offered good protection. C17s are nice too but my friend beat his up after a year training 3x a week, sparring and bag/mitts so I think the rivals would last you longer.
  6. smittywerben_box

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    I've had the Fightings, C17, SS, and Reyes.

    My favorite glove to use in terms of comfort and performance is the C17. My only gripe with that glove was that it is bulky. The C17 definitely does not fall under the category of compact gloves. The C17 was my main sparring glove for 1 year and the padding is starting to break down so I currently use it on the bag with no issues. The weight distribution is still holding up for the glove and it provides great support. I can also pop the heavy bag with these. The only thing is that the glove is basically dying after 1 year of consistent use.

    The Fighting gloves is adequate is for bag work. I feel as if the glove is extremely flimsy and caters to a "punchers" type glove. I have 14oz fighting and I do not use these for sparring. However, I have sparred against people who use 16oz Fightings and I have no complaints about receiving blows from this glove. In 6 months, the liner has ripped inside.

    I have a pair of SS and for some reason the liner tears my knuckles apart on one specific area that usually never gets banged up when using other gloves. I'm not sure if this is a defective pair but Sabas under-performed to my expectations especially after having a great experience with the C17 (another winning copy) and reading the great reviews about SS. The SS overall is a great glove to hit the bag or spar with apart for my liner issue. The glove probably does not cooperate with my hands (I have big musician hands). I still use these every once in a while because I want to love them after hearing so many great things about them.

    My experience with Reyes is weird. The break in period is absolute ass but once they did break in, I only "liked" the glove but not loved it. The glove has a high quality construction but I feel as if there are better options to hit the bag with and spar with. For example, a few of my sparring partners absolutely did not like getting hit by Reyes. On the bag and pads the Reyes perform well with the satisfying pop.

    This is just my two cents/!
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    My choice for what's on ur list would be rt41.....I like c-17s.....I have a pair for sparring and a pair for bags..... every year they go down to $70 on Black Friday through Christmas.

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