Zinc deficieny = Man-boobs?


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Jan 14, 2006
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I know Poliquin is a little out there (if not a lot), but has anyone else heard anything similar to this? I thought it was somewhat interesting, in the way many of his odd articles are.

No More Moobs

Q: I have man-boobs. Not gyno from steroids or related to puberty, just a lot of fat storage on my chest. It seems to stay there when I cut down, too. Anything I can do non-surgically? What does this say about my hormone profile?

A: Most of the time, just about every time in fact, it's a sign of a zinc deficiency. Zinc is the best anti-aromatase.

How many people eat a lot of organic nuts? How many people eat unrefined grains? How many people eat quality grass-fed meat? Scallops and oysters? Just about everyone is zinc deficient, especially people who lift weights.

Low zinc means increased aromatase activity, and that means man-boobs. In the last ten years, I haven't seen a single male first-time client who wasn't zinc deficient.

Other things that have natural anti-aromatase activity would be grape seed extract, resveratrol (REZ-V), and DIM. You should also look to pull out xenoestrogens with calcium D-glucarate. It's not a source of calcium; it's a source of D-glucarate, and that pulls out foreign estrogens.

Removing xenoestrogens is also very difficult if your diet is low in fiber. Anyone who has tits I put on 30 grams of fiber per day, 40/60 split between soluble/insoluble. DIM works very well for that, too.
DIM Extra

I sell a shitload of these types of products in the UK because so many of the males there have tits because they consume so much beer. Beer is that estrogenic. Now, before someone asks, if you must drink, red wine actually prevents aromatization. Pinot noir or merlot are good choices. You don't see tits on men in France.
I don't know anything about the effects of zinc on man-boobs, but I'm interested if anybody has had any noticeable effects from taking zinc.

Also, what is DIM?
Your body can't produce testosterone without zinc.
Just remembered this thread, figured I'd bring it up to see if anyone else thought it was interesting and preferably had some input.
i supplement with zinc at night (zma) as well as a zinc supplement with a whole food meal in the afternoon. its one of those things i know helps, but its not anything you could A/B and see a performance increase. its cheap, and its one of the most common deficiencies in athletes. i also try to increase my natural zinc consumption by eating pumpkin seeds as well. good fats, and a good amount of zinc as well. its no miracle supplement, but it would be ignorant to not make sure you have an adequate amount, be it from food or other sources.

anyone know any other foods that have a good amount of naturally occuring zinc?