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Zab Judah would be a better fight for manny

Discussion in 'Boxing Discussion' started by Dray, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. Dray White Belt

    Jun 20, 2010
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    lets face it

    when he fought mayweather,it was very entertaining

    he has huge heart and won't be like clottey:rolleyes:

    he goes out there to win and with a bit more obedience he can grow and grow as you saw in his fight tonight,he moved away from brooklyn and moved away from his old bad crowd he said,took out the grillz in his mouth,took off the jewlery (i dont really see what jewelery has to do with it but he never the less says hes done with the old flashy self and is just focused on fighting)

    he moved to the suburbs and says hes more focused then ever and is just training and raising his son.

    All Signs Point To A New Version Of Zab Judah, Humbled, And More Mature

    but at the end of the day

    the old judah had some classic youtube videos lol:icon_chee

    YouTube - Zab Judah Street Fight in Miami - With Comments
  2. Prophetic~Poet Blue Belt

    Mar 30, 2007
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    Brooklyn, NY
    Zab, Alexander, Bradley would be great matchups for Manny IMO....

    Zab looked real good in the ring on FNF...hopefully he is concentrating on his career and less on the bullshit...
  3. TheRainSong Purple Belt

    Jun 30, 2010
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    Well for what it's worth, he looked good against Santa Cruz last night on FNF.
  4. enswell**** Blue Belt

    Apr 28, 2010
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    Nah, a long time ago Judah was one hot-looking prospect, looked like the Sure Thing, a shoo-in for a Championship...but reality is what matters and Judah's shortcomings were exposed by the cream-of-the-crop more than once.
    That's what elite fighters do: study the opponent, exploit weakness, exploit habits and tendencies.

    He did manage a World Title, and that's a Great accomplishment, but he wasn't going to be a dominant Champ as many thought.

    Judah has always looked great coming out of the gate when he could steamroll 2nd tier and 3rd tier guys in the early rds with his speed, power, and athleticism...but the elite fighters who survive his initial blitz and fight back?

    Well, then Judah quickly gets frustrated when it's not going his way, and is not able to turn the fight around, overcome the adversity and win the fight.
    He took a very bad beating against Cotto and showed Heart, but he knew going into that fight, that people were already questioning his Heart and saying he's a frontrunner.
    After Cotto took over, I think Zab continuing in a losing effort against Cotto was more about Zab doing damage control regarding his career because he knew the fans were questioning him, and he HAD to show Heart. If he fouled out or quit against Cotto, it would've been all over for him.
    Though Zab lost, he still kept his career alive with the show of Heart against Cotto.

    Zab should have a DQ win over maywetaher though.
    Zab's foul called for a point or 2 deduction; but a cornerman like crackhead roger entering the ring during the rd and crossing the ring to the opponent in a threatening manner is supposed to be an instant DQ.
    That was corrupt for notorious ref richard steele to let that fight resume.

    Zab looked good last night against another 2nd tier opponent (as usual), but he ain't got nothing for P4P#1 Pacquiao who would stop him by mid-rds, but ya gotta hand it to Zab:
    He would at least have the guts to step in there with Pacquiao and Zab would come to really fight.
    The punches would be flying so quick from these two southpaws, but Zab would end up dancing the Judah Shuffle again...

    There's better opponents for Pacquiao than Zab Judah though.

    I'd like to see Zab go to MMA actually. He could be a UFC Champ within a year.
    He'd dominate Edgar...or Penn or whoever else.


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