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Your favorite punching combo?

feint-jab > left hook > right straight...right straight > left hook > right kick

or just wild hooks and uppercuts. I love hooks and uppercuts.
Lef strait or jab followed by Right strait left hook.
Almost the same :) Jab , right straight , left hook , right straight . Just one more strike at the end :p
Right Jab, Left Cross, Right Hook, Left Superman punch. (southpaw)
Right cross, left "shovel" hook to the body, right coss... all with bad inentions :D

Or left jab, left hook, right upper/straight.

I dont really plan on more then 2-3 punches then ill throw 2-3 more depending on how they reacte. A lot of the time after those 3 ill go to the body with a right cross or a hook.
Jab - right uppercut - left hook - right kick or knee to the body depending on range

it helps me set up other punches, it helps me get out of range, etc.
I like jab, right straight, and left hook too. I also like jab, jab, followed by a short right hook. A short combo I like is jab and left hook.
Right uppercut, left straight.

Left straight, right hook.

Jab, jab, straight left to body
right uppercut, left elbow, right straight, left cross, jumping front kick
there are too many for me to pick just one, double jab-right hand-left hook, double jab-right hand, jab-right hand, double jab-right uppercut-left hook. I could go on and on but these are the ones I use the most.
i have 2

i feel so powerful throwing this one- left jab, right straight, left uppercut, right straight then bob or weave then left hook


i do this as fastand powerful as i can when im inside- left body, right body, left hook then right hook
As they come forward:

Right Jab to the chest, Left straight to the face, dip to the right, right hook to the body.

Thats my ideal combo.
I too love the jab-jab-jab...it creates a false pattern for some people to look for and sets up a ton of stuff. It also open things up for a Tim Sylvia wet blanket technique.