your favorite feigning moves



some of mine are:

- fake low, hit high (other way around also) with the same hand or different hand
- fake cross. switch lead and round kick
- fake teep and switch to round kick
- fake body hook and come in with face hook or other way around
- fake jab and hook
fake right lowkick-left hook
fake teep-right elbow
fake teep-jab-right kick
fake jab-spinning right backfist or elbow
fake right kick-left kick or knee
fake cross-left hook
fake right knee-jumping elbow/punch
Fake Right long hook, do left cross
Fake Left Highkick, do left Side Thrust Kick.
Fake Left Cross, do right Hook.
fake jab left hook

fake jab, right low kick

fake right roundhouse low kick, liver shot

fake left front kick, right cross

fake lefty low roundhouse kick, right cross

fake left low kick, right spleen kick

fake spinning back kick, to spinning heel kick to the face

fake spinning kick, right low kick

fake left crescent kick, right low kick

fake jab to the solar plexus, right overhand
fake shoot, then straight
fake shoot, then roundhouse(low,mid,high)
fake shoot, then jumping knee

turning fake right low roundhouse then jumping right roundhouse..hehe "SHOGUNS Helikick!"

fake chicken dance then BERSERK!
I keep it pretty simple and fake the jab extensively usually followed by right cross.

There is a very good one but hard to master where you throw what looks like a right to the body, but at 1/4 of the way into it, you roll it up and into an overhand right. I don't use that one too much, but it works well.
type on the keyboard every combo I can think of.

Make war in my imagination
If you talk about feints, then IMO you have a discussion about footwork.

And its better to practice footwork then to type about it.
fake jab left hook is my favorite. it works against peole who have a big parry