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you know your a grappler when...

chi town tom

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Nov 3, 2006
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got this idea from "the grappler body " post

lets hear some ideas!
You're always thinking of a throw set-up when you hug somebody.
when someone says Triangle, and first thing you think is a sub...instead of a shape
when someone says triangles, and you think submissions while every normal person thinks shapes
when you try to takedown or throw everyone around you, and then submit them. or when you challenge people to grappling matches or even fights.
When you look at people at you walk and imagine puttin' them in various chokes and joint-locks

When you find bruises on your arms that you didn't remember gettin'

When you wish your arms were a little more wirey so they'd slip under someone's chin easier

If you've ever keylocked a hyperactive younger brother to calm him down

If you tell a father attempting a full nelson while play wrestlin' with his son that an arm triangle is better
your wife's guard omg that is so funny and totally new