You guys smell...

Elvis Sinosic

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Jan 1, 2002
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Funny... LOL...

Just thought I'd let you guys know I was back from the weekend... :p
You smell too and your avatar sucks ass, milky licker!

Howzit going? :D

Hope you had a good weekend too, dude! What did you get up to?

- The Jake
That can't be a compliment coming from a guy who's had his nose in Tito's fucking armpit.
We're the ones that smell, huh? You're the one who has a picture of himself defecating in his own pants.
That's not poop, that's brown sweat... I'm in training... ;)

As usual I had another busy weekend... No rest for the wicked, or me for that matter... Training, teaching, attending a fitness expo, businees meeting, tournament (coaching students), photo shoot... Egad, there ain't enough days in the week...
Hey Elvis, check this pic I made just for you. Right now I am transferring my pictures to a different host, so just copy and paste this link onto your explorer or navigator. I liked your body, so I gave that body to someone else on this forum.
Hey I don't think Spencikiss is going to appreciate that...

Brown sweat? C'mon pal we all know you have problems being 'regular'...Just because your ass flows like a waterfall doesn't mean you gotta hide it from us. We're all family here. Shit away.
Originally posted by Warsmer
That was some low budget cropping!

I know. I am just new using photoshop.

I made Spencikiss another pic about how he feels about his mullet earlier today, so he knows I am not trying to make fun of him or anything. It was just I had his picture at that moment I was going to make a new pic, so I used it.
HAHAHAHA you need to work more on that one trainer..
No. It smells like I'm spending the day at the docks. ;)

Warsmer, you were too quick for me today. Good job :mad:
Wow that was excellent, it looks like the head belongs on that body... fantastic... :p
Originally posted by Elvis Sinosic
Wow that was excellent, it looks like the head belongs on that body... fantastic... :p

Thanks Elvis, at least one person feels that way.;)
ouch trainer elvis just

BTW, I want roylaties for using my Moobies (Man Boobies).
ahhhhhhh - Please someone quick: beltsand the smirk off that kids face.....!