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Yet another SPRAWL review....


Feb 7, 2005
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I just got my sprawls and wanted to give you guys my thoughts on them. This was my first pair of sprawls (I know I'm a little behind the times) so I had no previous knowledge of the shorts.

Overall they came pretty quickly I ordered them on Tues. and they arrived today, Saturday.

I ordered the standard flexfighters. I had no idea they had a spandex type panel between the legs, which is an absolutly brilliant idea. I also really like the closure system. With two sections of velcro and inner-drawstrings, the shorts secure very well.

Also, the sizing was perfect. I wear a size 32 pant, so thats what I ordered and they fit great.

In the end, I would highly recommmend these or any sprawl shorts. They'll work great for fighting or grappling. And I plan on urging anyone at my gym who doesn't already have them to get a pair. Well, I hope that helps anyone looking for a little insight on these shorts.
Sprawl or Nogi, Sprawl or Nogi...Ahhhh I can't make up my mind!!!!!
barely anyone has reviewed the nogi (brazilian or american) and everyones all like scorcho..... my god, HCK, Clinch Gear, TruthMMA, are all RESPECTED and proven brands, Why don't they get as much recognition?

I was going to get a pair of clinchgears too since they're at such a great price ($29.00), but decided to get the sprawls first.
Nogi and Sprawl and then decide for yourself