Xyience tries to sue blogger for 25 million


Feb 8, 2007
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Links with details to the case are on the first page of this thread which was started by the blogger himself:


I don't quite know whats exactly whats going on as I am not a legal or financial expert, but what I know so far is: A blogger reported on some funny business going on between the ufc, xyience, and the shareholders. Now Xyience wants to sue that blogger for 25 million.

This guy sums it up better

Xyience were trying to sue this guy for $25million allegedly over defamation to their name when he, as an investigative journalist, delved in to the deep underbelly and workings of the company. It's essentially a case of a big business threatening someone for being a whistleblower on the shady goings on in their company, even though as a public company their workings are of public interest.

It is also related to UFC's / Zuffa's giant credit loan story where they essentially injected money into Xyience, so on paper Xyience could sponsor UFC for $15 million (even though it was Zuffa's money to start with) for the purpose of securing a loan for $200+ million.

Since Xyience filed for bankruptcy, their original lawyer left the case, and they jave reduced the claim of $25million in damages to $80k.

This journalist has represented himself and has been given a fair hearing from a reasonable judge and seems to be winning his case on the grounds of freedom of speech, and freedom of the press.
I wonder why the MMA writers such as Caplan, Luke T. as such haven't written about the case.