XFGear sponsors Up and coming Fighter Manvel Gamberyian


Mar 9, 2005
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Manvel is a lightweight fighter from Hollywood California. He Fights for Gokor's Team Hayastan. He is Karo Parisyans #1 training partner and both of them have been training under Gokor and Gene Lebell since they were kids.
Manvel has a 5-1-0 Professional record in MMA as well as he is a World class Judo and Sambo fighter. Check out his record and pics on Fight finder-

He is presently talking with Pride , WEC, and if UFC brings back light weight he will be in the running as well.

Look for great things from this up and coming fighter!!!
Manvel is wearing our new line of shorts that will be availible in about 2 weeks. they will be semi customizable.
He looks a bit like Wallid Ismail, minus the fucked up ears. Hopefully he will do in MMA what Wallid did in jiujitsu. Those are some fine looking shorts also.
Manvel did very well in Jujitsu in the late ninetys as a teen. He consontrated on Judo and Sambo For a few years and did well. for the last several years he has worked on MMA. He has done well so Far. By the way , He is Armenian.
As for the shorts , They are awsome. Manvel told me after wearing them that they were the most comfortable Shorts he had ever seen. He said he thought they were the best on the market. And if you know Manvel you know he says what he thinks. If he didnt like them than he would of said no and we would have went back to the drawing board. He is a very aggressive fighter so if they can take his beatings then they can withstand anything.
Sweet! Paul those shorts look great and look like they will have an elastic waistband, so I am assuming you will could hook me up with an XXXL, or if they are very elastic XXXXL for comfort?
Sweet! Good to see you getting into sponsoring some up and comming guys in MMA. The shorts look awesome cant waite to see myself in a pair :D
Would be sweet if you could add a slit in the leg like Sprawl's for us kickers.
I just got some info on these shorts... there are flex panels on both sides of the shorts and one through the crotch. he said the leg openings are pretty large anyway and with the flex panels you should have no problems with kicking.

I forgot how much they are... oh well I'm sure they'll post some more about them.
The shorts are elastic waistband with a flat name plate panel in front. They have 4-5 inch Lycra stretch panels in the crotch and on the side of each leg. They are a loose and roomy cut so you can kick , move, sprawl, and play Guard with ease. The stretch panels move with your legs and hips and give no resistance. The elastic waist band allows for several waist sizes (example: Large- 32" - 35").

Most so called fight shorts are really nothing more than a surfing short. This is why they are called board shorts. Most companies take a standard surf board short that they buy from a surf clothing manufacturer and just screen print their name on them. We are different. We have a mill here in the USA . We started from scratch and worked with our athletic cothing designer to make the best short possible for Fighting. We went through about 10 prototypes before finally coming up with this final awsome product. We experiemented with different materials and different cuts and different waist line types and after a lot of testing and a lot of changes we feel we have come up with the best REAL FIGHT SHORT EVER MADE.
Manvel seems to agree. This short blends the best of Wrestling shorts , Board shorts , Vale Tudo shortp( Lycra panels), and Muay Thai shorts and come up with the most versitile Real Fight Short on the market.
All the way down to the stitching. We use a super strong flat lock stitch on 90% OF THE SHORT. This Stitch is the strongest availible. You have to really see the short in person to realize the quality . Everyone who has seen them are blown away by the comfort and durability of the shorts.
They will be availible In about 3 weaks . The stock color will be Black with white panels. We are taking advanced orders now. Other colors will be availible later this year. Stock Sizes will be Med.- x large. other sizes will be availible by special order.
Stock sizes will cost $45 retail
Here are some more pics of Manvel in the shorts.


His nick name is "PITBULL". If you see him fight then you will know why.

I just spoke to Manvel today and he is planning a WEC fight soon . He is also still talking with Pride.