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Jan 12, 2004
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What gear did you Fockers get for christmas/jewish christmas? I just opened my army green Koral Gi. Gonna roll with my fiance and test it out now!!!
CSI focus mitts, kicking shield and those neoprine shin guards.

I'll write reviews in a month or so.
no gi shorts
koral red/black/white/ rash guard
kyle maynard "no excuses"
Ronaldo jacare dvds

lots of other stuff non grappling related
Woohoo! I got a bunch of cool stuff.

-2006 Army Green SPRAWL shorts
-Grappling Drills DVD with Stephan Kesting
-Pride FC shirt
-Gift certificate to GNC
-Boneyard (my MMA gym) hoodie

Some other stuff non MMA related.

At the Boneyard, Mike Littlefield (owner) got all of the original instructors custom made Koral gi jackets. You don't wear them for training; you just wear them around, but they're awesome. He had their names put on the sleeves, and had the Boneyard logo embroidered on the back.


Like this, but with each person's name embroidered on the sleeve, and the Boneyard Kanji logo on the back:


Wow...I got an aftershave and showergel set, a very nice one....With some Boxer shorts and socks.
Lucky me...

New years eve and new years day will be my present though, 36 hours of debauchery.:)
Didn't get anything for xmas.
i got a subscription to Grappling Magazine, not gear but w/e
I got no mma related gifts, what a rip. Guess hte biggest problem is you can't buy it in stores and people are too reluctant or dumb to buy it online.
perfy said:
I got no mma related gifts, what a rip. Guess hte biggest problem is you can't buy it in stores and people are too reluctant or dumb to buy it online.
gotta tell them fools what you want, yo...end em links and shit, b
A Pink Bunny Costume...

Nogi Hoodies and Beanies...
I got a bag, some harbingers, and a gift cert to Big 5, I'mma buy wraps.
I got a subscription to Grappling Magazine, Full Contact Fighter and Body Guard. I also go a Nogi hoodie.

I'd rather just buy whatever mma gear I want so the order won't get screwed up. That said I wish I could find a domestic retailer who carried Fairtex mma gloves. Ron you should carry them as you carry lots of gear cept for gloves.
i sent the exact link with color size and all needed to my wife, she hooked it up fairly easily
Well the MMA gear I got was:
- Double weave XFGear Gi (super hot, you guys are going to like this review)
- SSF Red Faritex style gloves
Ill write reviews on both of these and on my CSI MMA gloves for my long term experience, several months now.
I put my list on my mom's computer with links and everything. She did a pretty good job.

I got TUF Season 1 DVD Box Set (on my list)
New Shockdoctor Mouthguard (on my list)
New Everlast skip rope w/ weighted handles (on my list)
Shirt from my gym (nice work, Mom! This wasn't on the list...she has good taste)

That's all for MMA stuff. My birthday is on the 29th, though. I hope to maybe get ADCC 2005 DVD for that.