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Jun 9, 2005
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www.cryogel.tv is FINALLY DONE. You guys can now order direct. Also Cryogel will be helping to sponsor RioFightWears 300 Fighter Tournament on November 12th in Parkland Florida. Hope to see you guys there. For more info on the tournament contact [email protected] .Also anyone who orders gets a bout load of samples and Cryogel T-shirts will be done soon as well.

Thanks again,
Michael Crawford
National Sales Manager
Vitaminerals Inc / Cryogel
Who here has used Cryogel before? I ask because after I train, especially on the heavy bag my wrists ar very sore the next day and would love to see if this helps eleviate the pain because you can only tape your wrist/hands so much b4 the gloves don't fit (I use the L Pride Gloves) :(.
search the posts for cryogel. there was a really good thread a while back. its really good stuff.
Our fighters are starting to use and they love them , not only to mention that Lavender and Island rain gives you a nice smell different from those menthol pain reliefs out there.
Hey SSF, which one would you recommend I get since it would be mainly for my lower back and wrists?
Rio and Mike - I'm definitely coming to that tournament.
Cryogel is a great product. I use it and love it. We have been selling tons of it on our site and we are getting great response.
Ok I want to order that, but I only see three things on ur site : Origina, anti and Aroma? Can you point me to which one I want to buy and could you tell by asap cause I want to order it asap so it gets shipped out monday :) thx
Oh I see it in the default picture, so I assume it is the Anti Ox one? I am going to go ahead and order that one :), lets hope it works for those nagging wrist pains.
K I got your e-mail, just sent a Q back to you if you could check it out real quick that would be awesome.
Can wait to try it, hopefully should be here tomorrow from http://www.ssfgear.com . Hope it rapes the wrist pain which it should, if it doesn't, I maye have to switch to bigger boxing gloves, the Pride ones are pissing off my wrists as well as skinning my knuckles alive. I couldn't even hit the bag today because all my knuckles look like I was playing a big ass game of bloody knuckles yesterday :(