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WTF did I do? HALP


Samdog Original Nine
Jun 19, 2006
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HALP I accidently pushed a button or setting

now a
Did you select a different theme for viewing the page? I've heard that depending on your browser some work better or worse than others.

It's at the bottom left of the page. "Select Your Theme"
no but I will try it

I think it started with me changing the size with my mouse scroll button (I foten touch that by mistake)

other sites/forums loks normal
no change when I changed themes

some boxes are ontop of each other aswell

I don't see when a thread has been replied to
Hmmm, how'd you change the size with your mouse scroll button?

All mine does is move the screen up and down.
The universal cure all, reboot your computer.
hold the CTRL button on your keyboard and spin the scrollwheel on your mouse until the fonts and sizing get back to normal.
this is how it looks

ctrl and scroll didn't help

edit tnx Teedoh74:redface:
If that sherdog1 pic is how it looked before, I would just leave it that way. It looked better there than it ever has.