Wrongfully Banned?

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Sep 22, 2007
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My name is/was FarCry, I've been here for like 2 years, Brown Belt, and know the rules.

It says I have been banned with no reason. But I've been here long enough to know the rules.

I have PM'd two of the Mods asking but I thought this would be easier. The only thing I could think about being banned for was for this thread.


I posted a normal conspiracy photo, but the host of the link changed the photo to some strange porno photo, I was PM'd by a fellow Sherdogger and quickly edited my post as you can see on Post number 5 and 35.

Or was my banned the result of another's IP ban? I was banned right after the Shogun vs Forrest fight but I let you guys know that I had done nothing and it turned out to be just an honestly mistake on your guys part.

I don't mind the ban if I actually did something, But like I said, I haven't bashed anyone or fighters and that photo was a mistake that I quickly edited. If not and it's just a mistake then naturally I would like for it to be lifted.

So could a Mod help me out and look into it?

I'll check on it; If your account was banned for another reason PLUS the fact of your previous wrongful ban I'll take the hit for that .... since I dinged ya the first time. Honest mistake and all ... I was a noob mod. Whaddaya spect?

Stand by.
It was for "trolling" ... I beleive the prior ban was considered along with it so I'm gonna allow you back into the matrix this time.

Watch it though. Kay?

PS: Don't tell anyone I did this. Mum's the word.
Will someone close this thread please? I seem to have mis-remembered my ability to do it.

Hey guys... didn't get banned, but I did get dubbed overnight. I'm fairly certain that it was the result of participating in the kvolcom contest.

Here's the thing...

Any mod patrolling either D&S or the OT can attest to the fact that I don't troll. And I don't "first" any thread (or "kvolcom" for that matter). I'd like to think that all of my posts, with the exception of one, have been either in the spirit of discussion or actually substantive.

At any rate, I was bored last night and noticed that Eggs started a contest. So, I participated ONCE... and only once.

What's worse, I just renewed my platinum status. I know that greenies aren't immune to the hammer or the dubs, but I'd like to think that a poster who doesn't have a history of postwhoring or "firsting", and who has never been dubbed before, AND decides to support the site financially can at least get an unofficial warning before action is taken.

As a gesture of goodwill, I was wondering if someone would be willing to reverse the yellow? Perhaps even restore posts/platinum?

I'll be good with whatever is decided. I honestly got caught up in what I thought was a harmless, fun game.


Btw, I sent a pm to DMF... but I don't know if he'll ever get to it.
Thank you Shaolin Bushido, Trolling huh? Strange. Believe, I'm going to be a good little school boy.

Thanks again man.
Damn, I wonder why I was banned for "trolling" in the first place, I haven't trolled lol but I'll wait for an Admin approval or not.

Thanks for the help Shaolin