Wrong things to say after sex to your partner!!!


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Jan 5, 2002
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Guys list as many as you can, Wrongs things to say after having sex!

you were ok, but your sister was better!!
"When did i get that rash?"

"my mom will be back any second"
"holy shit you're even better than your mother"
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"whoo! I need to take a huge shit"
Even better....
Wow i just took a huge shit!
the hiv test results should be back any day soon
Originally posted by J-Garden
"holy shit you're even better than your mother"
Once again....
Even better.... ]"holy shit you're even better than your Brother"
"Clean yourself up bitch. You fucken disgust me."

- The Jake
That above line is one my mates love to save up for chicks they have no respect for whatsoever (which pretty much includes all women). That's a true story. And here's another one.

One time my mate was banging a stripper (he used to work as a security guard in some of Melbourne's most well known stripclubs) and some dickhead down the hall was knocking on the door.

My mate, mistakenly thought they were knocking on the door to the room he was in. So not even thinking twice about it he yells out "WAIT YOUR BLOODY TURN!"

Naturally the girl was less than impressed. By the time the words spilled out he had realised his mistake.

Apparently this chick grabbed a fucking iron and tried to hurl the thing at him. He said he has never been kicked out of a girls place as fast as he ever has in his entire life.

- The Jake
Get up, get dressed, throw her a couple of bucks and say
"It's more than you were worth"