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Aug 4, 2007
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Hey, Im 17 years old and I've been wrestling for 2 years now. I wrestling 89/95 kg my first year and this year i wrestled exclusively in 95. I wreslted at the provincial championships when i only weighed 87 kg, and i don't know if next year i should stay at 95, where im quicker than most of my opponents, or if i should lose weight/cut weight and wrestle at like 77, where I'd have the strength and power over almost all of my opponents. Any advice would be appreciated.
should stay at 95. going to 77 sounds like alot but idk depends on how much you can cut before the season and then during.
go to 89, its the happy medium between the two weight classes.
when i first wrestled i weighed 94 and i cut to 89....so id be able to cut 4-6 kilos easily, without being drained.....and as i said before i now weigh 87 kg without cutting.
Stay at 95 and get bigger and stronger while maintaining your speed.

Don't know how? Check out the Strength forum, hit a Westside for Skinny Bastards program or the 5x5 and eat a lot of healty food. To keep your speed, do plyos and stair drills, box jumps, etc.
soo no one thinks that i should move down where i could potentially dominate with strength? i know speed is very important but if i were to lose that weight, wouldnt i naturally become lighter and more agile?