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wrestling tips


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May 2, 2005
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i know i know get a gym, but i cant take wrestling until 3more months, dont have the time right now. I am wondering though, if you guys can give me a website, or instruct me through this thread on wrestling basics. Like the diff. take downs and how to perform them, or the different sprawls and what to remember about them. Also, i would ike to know what are the things i should remember when wrestling..during clinch..during sprawling..during take downs etc.
Yeah on my video I put a section on gollege wrestling take downs and holds. The video is priamrily no Gi JJ but there is a wrestilng section on it. There is also another webstie called scientific wrestling, I have never checked it out but it may have waht you are looking for. Also try to find a video from Randy Cortour.
For pure wrestling, try wrestlingsbest.com. everything is on there.