Wrestling Shoes?

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Mar 13, 2002
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I've done BJJ for around 5 years now and Thai boxing for around 3 and now I'm going to start doing wrestling twice a week while I take a break from the other two.

I have an opportunity to train with some really good Greco guys and I need a pair of wrestling shoes. Any suggestions as to what kind I should get and where to get them from?
all wrestling shoes are pretty good. A lot of the times people will have a sligth guess at the skill of an opponent in a tournament from his shoes though lol. Im not saying all the time but sometimes and its sometimes ued jokingly among the team as well. Usually guys with pretty shoes are the newer wrestlers and the guys with their shoes all taped up will be feared because you know that they have been with that pair for so long. It just doesnt really matter to people like running shoes does because ti doesnt give any large marginal benefits.

Id just say go for the cheapest pair.

PS: i like riddels but i dont think they make wrestling shoes anymore *shrug*
I do not like Asics as of late. I would go with Adidas. I think Asics quality has gone down hill for the past few years.
I wear the Asics 54. Good unisole shoe, fits nicely. I got mine from Scheel's Sports, a large sporting goods store here in the midwest. Because its now wrestling season, buying wrestling shoes at any large chain sporting good or shoe store shouldn't be too difficult. Asics or Adidas, I prefer asics.
I'd say Adidas Response or Sambo shoes.


those sambo boots look roughneck.

i have nike wrestling shoes btw. not veyr common, but they were dirt cheap at the time and have held up. not bad.
Those sambo boots are all leather, including the soles, so they are only for use on the mat. They are extremely responsive due to the thin leather soles and quite flexible also so you can escape leglocks a little easier than if you were in regular wrestling boots.

The Adidas Response has a low heel so it also isn't too bad for escaping leglocks and is also extremely well ventilated so you won't end up with stinky boots and smelly feet either. The laces are covered and the cover is very secure when fastened so they won't slip off or come undone. I think they are good value for money and are quite comfy too. They are also available in several colour combinations so you can choose which ones you prefer.
lonewolf_454 said:
where are you going to train grecco at?

There's a Russian Wrestling club in Brooklyn the a few of my friens train with and the guys that live on LI train at a Judo school twice a week which is where I'll be going.

I've trained withh some good wrestlers from schools like Pen State and Hoffstra and my friend that trains with them beat the piss out of me worst then any of them (takedown wise). I've never been so mangled in my life.
the next pair of boots i get, and this is advice for anyone looking for thier first pair, get ones with lace covers or straps!
i go through many rolls of hockey tape on the laces to keep them from coming undone every 5 minutes.
Rotund Grappler said:
the next pair of boots i get, and this is advice for anyone looking for thier first pair, get ones with lace covers or straps!
i go through many rolls of hockey tape on the laces to keep them from coming undone every 5 minutes.
great idea. I have these and they work great.
There's a "new" rule that your shoe laces must be covered with tape or a velcro strap. This prevents stalling to tie your shoes and accidental tripping. Most shoe companies have taken note and started making their shoes with the velcro strap (see above). If you plan on competing, get shoes with straps.

When I was in HS, I had the Asics Split-seconds. Nike was looked down upon where I was from due to quality. That has since changed and Nike makes a pretty decent shoe. That's what I currently have. Addidas makes the best looking shoes around and alot of the kids I coached wear them. I've never put a pair on, so I can't give an opinion. I'd try on several pair and buy the lightest and most comfortable pair you can find. BTW, don't run on anything other than a wrestling mat in your wrestling shoes or you'll get shin splits. Good luck
I have the red/black Adidas Response. I like them.

I almost got the Adidas Combat Speed though, those are hot.

Before that I had Asics Jackal, wore them until the bottom wore away, then wore that until I couldnt tape it together anymore.

Someone said Asics shoes are bad quality now adays, thats not true, they have some nice sheos out. The fifty four and the Cael, and the Rulon are tight.

That rule about having your laces taped is pretty old actually. If you go out on the mat with your laces showing or untapped, it's one team point - which is really bad.

Go with Asics or Adidas though, I wouldnt buy a Nike, Matman, or Infinity, or any other brand.

Spend the money and buy a nice shoe, it might be the only pair you buy your whole life (just tape those babies up if they start to tear away). You can get a good pair for $45 (Jackals) - dont go cheaper than 40. The most expensive are from $110-130 (adistar, fifty-four), they're hot but I dont really think they're much better than what you get for $80. I'd go into the $70-80 (Response, Lyteflex, Cael) range.
I actully need a new pair myself. I have been experminating with various shoes. The first shoes I got and the ones I still wear are my Asic Mosh shoes.


I got them for like 30 some odd dollars when I first started wrestling (around 4 years ago) and they have treated me the best. Really lightweight shoes, and the soles are really flexiable (I love that feature a lot, because it allows for easier escaoes from leg locks and toe holds). I am also highly against flashy shoes. Wrestling shoes look so high tech these days, its just way to crazy. I like the simple look such as the Combat Speeds,etc. Anywho The Asic Mosh kicks, have treated my right for alittle over 4 years. I just recently had to tape them up, due to some holes developing on them. I am planning on getting some new kicks probably with my next pay check though. I have also had some of those Dan Gable Classic shoes. For some odd reason I didn't like them a whole lot. The actual shoe was great. It was made of really flexiable clothe and would have also been a lot easier to escape from leg locks had it not been for the sole. I couldnt stand the sole all that much. Maybe its because I didn't put enough time into softening them up though...

Anywho I am sersiouly looking at those Adidas Response, they look really nice.