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Wrestling Headgear for Big Noggins

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Discussion' started by SickyGnarwhal, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Hi G and E'ers,

    I'm in the market for wrestling headgear for BJJ (primarily gi, if that matters.) A certain female entity would be very displeased if I were to get cauliflower ear. I've remained immune for the last 6 months that I have trained, but I would like to eliminate the risk aside from quitting grappling. I wear a size 7-1/2 baseball cap for size reference.

    From the threads I have looked up, it seems like the Brute Shockwave is the way to go, but sadly it has been discontinued for quite some time. My current options and reasons for choosing include the following:

    CK Tornado
    • Color options (Lakers' gold and purple anyone?)
    • Favorable reviews from multiple sources (Sherdog, Amazon, several wrestling supply websites
    • Con: The only headgear I could find any information regarding sizing and it appears that it doesn't fit well on heads that wear a 7-1/2 capsize.
    • Also, it seems quite bulky.

    Asics Quantum
    • I found a set in black and gold for around $8 (a steal and Batman logo colors!!)
    • From my research, Asics is another reputable brand among the wrestling world.
    • Looks lower profile compared to CK Tornado

    I am definitely open to other suggestions and would be grateful for any help in choosing headgear.

    Overall, I'm looking for something that is comfy for me to wear, low profile, and that won't cause much discomfort to my training partners. Awesome color options would be a big plus.

    Happy training,

    Sicky Gnarwhal
  2. I know plenty of full time BJJ players whose ears look fine.
    If you have a headgear in your bag and wear it when your ears ARE SORE...and if you take care of your ears you'll be fine.
  3. get the ck tornados. i used to wrestle ALOT and when i finally got to my tornados from my brutes, they were a nice alternative. not as sturdy as the brutes but still very comfortable and protected my ears
  4. Thanks for the insight, fellas.

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