Wrestling/Grappling Mats


Go Big Red!
Aug 19, 2006
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I am looking for a grappling mat that I could buy for personal use. I'm looking for something between 8x8 and 12x12, 8x12 or 10x10 is my preference. I've looked through a few sites and everything seems to be way out of my range. I was hoping someone might be able to reccomend me some cost-effective mats. Thanks.

Also I did use the search function, but all the threads contained no good information for me and/or were out-of-date.
What's your budget? What kind of grappling? If you're going to start out on the ground and not worry about takedowns, you can go with a foam that's about 1 and 3/8" thick. That would be the cheapest option. If you're looking for something that'll handle take downs, etc you're going to have to go to at least 2".

Cheapest way to do it, with the best quality would be to buy a roll of the uncovered foam they use for mats, and buy your own vinyl. You could easily do this and keep your cost right around 500 bucks. I just got custom mats for my house and the entire set up cost just under 3k for a 12x10 area (including wall pads on 3 sides and delivery).