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wrestling and powerlifting log


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Mar 11, 2007
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ok its about time i started a training log up
heres my numbers and routine from the last week

volume day
squats 6 x 6 170kg (374lb)
good mornings 6 x 6 100kg (220lb)
bench press 6 x 6 100kg (220lb) i wanna go heavier but i train on my own
the last set of benches was terrible form
dips 4 sets bw 12,9,7,3
pullups 4 sets bw 8,6,5,2 damn i suck at these

wrestling sparring
1 hours wrestling practice
10 minute warm up, then 10 minutes sparring. changing partner every 2 minutes
then 10 minutes of drills, 10 minutes of sparring, 10 minutes of drills, finishing with 10 minutes of sparring. im nirally seeing the white buffalo of death at this point in training

wednesday light day
front squat 4 x 12 90kg (198lb) i power clean these into position because i dont have a rack
incline press 4 x 12 70kg (154lb)
barbell rows 4 x 12 if i remember correctly the ez bar weighs 11kg? i do this with a 25kg and a 10kg either side
i do this workout to get some of the aches and pains out of my system
i follow it up with a good session in the sauna looking at women in swimmming costumes

meet up with some of the guys and go over some specifics, one of our iranian coaches is gonna be trying his first submission match on sunday so those of us with bjj backgrounds go through some stuff with him. we finish off with some sandbag and kettlebell work

this is a video of my favourite sandbag routine

friday off

heavy day
squats warm up to 1 x 3 210kg (462lb)
deadlift 1 x 2 235kg (517lb)
military press 1 x 1 110kg (242lb)
i finish with neck and grip work

2 hour wrestling practice
I'm assuming this is club wrestling or is this university-affiliated? Either way nice log and that's my favorite sandbag exercise too.
the wrestling club was set up by some iranian guys who wanted to carry on there training from back home. its really rare to find a proper wrestling club in the uk. i have a background in bjj but now do wrestling instead. im learning freestyle and greco roman.
i still suck big time at it!

tonights training
still a little sore from all the body weight squats we did yesterday in wrestling practice
4 x 6 170kg
1 x 4 190kg

good mornings 6 x 6 100kg (220lb)
inbetween each set i make sure to stretch out and work on touching my toes. i know its gay but ive learnt some pretty good stretches in yoga

theres guys on the flat bench so i do incline press
5 x 3 100kg
damn i suck at benching. maybe it comes from training on my own but its the number 1 exercise i always skip

i superset my dips and pullups
6 x 2 x 6
i do 6 dips followed by 6 pull ups
rest 30 seconds then repeat
i do this 6 times
my form is real sloppy on the last 2 sets
i suck