WOW! Joe from CSI/Ringside deserves a thread for this!


Nov 10, 2005
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I haven't had an experience like this ordering online before. Earlier last month near the end of holidays I was interested in a bagstand from ringside and contacted Joe for a shipping quote. He got back to me with a quote from UPS that was surprisingly low (175 USD to Canada which includes duties and taxes). I've had countless experiences ordering car parts and stuff from the states shipped via UPS and the brokerage fees at the door are ridiculously high (i've had times where the fees were more than the actual product!) therefore on many Canadian car forums, we refer to the UPS as "The brown devil" and avoid them like a plague.

Since the price of the shipping was very low compared to what I originally thought, I went ahead and threw in a couple more items (punch mitts, dbl end bag, speedbag, shoes) which Joe gave me awesome discounts on (15-25% off) and Joe had my order marked to be shipped yesterday

This morning I recieved an email from another customer rep saying my order is on hold due to the shipping quote being incorrect. The new total is now $490 :eek: which sounds more like UPS but at the same time made me choke on my drink. I just recieved a phone call with Joe and he told me he gave me an awesome deal and the misquote was his fault so he wasn't going to make me pay the substantial difference in the shipping and said he was willing to take the hit on the shipping so that I can get everything for the amount i was quoted! I have never had a customer rep that was willing to go this distance just to keep their customers happy.

I feel very bad for Joe having to take the hit because of an error and at the same time I'm extremely thankful for what he did so in closing, thanks bro, for the 5 star service. I'll have your number on speed dial for future orders!
Hey you shouldn't feel bad about me having to take the hit. We made the mistake, it is not fair for you to have to pay up because we dropped the ball. What's important is that you can get your stuff for a reasonable price. We appreciate your business and your patience!
Nice Joe, if I was wearing a hat I would take it off to ya :wink: What all did you order WMah?
Wow I wish you lived in Charlotte N.C. :wink:
hehe i wish i lived in the states at times... much cheaper shipping for lots of stuff :D