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Wow, i never realized how good Rydell Booker was as an amateur...


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Oct 27, 2004
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i'll admit, i didn't know much about the fella until he fought james toney on best damn sports show several years back that resulted in his lost/retirement from the sport. the commentators said he was once the best AM heavyweight in the nation, but i payed lil' attention to it.

i found this lil' clip on youtube (posted by his opponent - who by the way also has an interesting story if you read the uploader comments). he had some great moves for a 200lber.

Why did he retire after the Toney fight? He was still young if I remember right.
He was arrested, charged, and imprisoned on cocaine trafficing charges. He got a few years.
Shit, didn't know that.

Too many good boxers get mixed up with that shit.