Would you recommend this bench?

TJ Combo

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Sep 16, 2002
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I thought I should buy a bench for my home and I stumbled over this one here. I think it is enough for me because I cannot bench more that 100 kilograms anyway and the price with 180
Maximum load: 130kg

Geez, I don't even like benching and thats less then what I would normally put up. If you are buying it because you are serious about getting your bench way high, you'd be a lot better off with something that can actually hold some weight. Where do you live? (Country) Curious because there are a lot better places to get things in the States, but shipping would probably kill you if you are in Europe.
Like said above...you might want something that can hold a bit more weight than that.
I weigh 80kg so isn't it enough then?

I live in Germany. I just used this website because it showed the details of the bench (which I saw in a shop in my town) in English. Would be nice if you could give me some shopping sites for comparison. Doesn' matter if they are in the US.
My rule of thumb for anything related to lifting:

Dont trust anything that can fold up and be easily moved.
There are some Euro guys on here that I'm sure can help you with your shopping. But that bench you're looking at holds less than 300 pounds, which would bother me to put anything over 200 on it. You might as well use an ironing board.

If you put yourself in a position to at some point say "I don't want to get any stronger, because my equipment won't handle it," you've made a bad move.
Looks kinda weak if you ask me. If its cheap and you're not that strong I guess its fine.