Would you rather have Jones or Conor’s Career?


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Jul 4, 2020
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Not talking about their controversies outside sports but just their achievements within it.

Conor: Biggest Star in MMA history, made a ton of money and also done great on the competitive side.

Jones: Regarded as the best mixed martial artist ever and also done well enough for himself financially.
Jones easy even if he made less money
Considered by many as the greatest fighter ever. Almost perfect record apart from a DQ, NC and a few close decisions. Has one of the most title defenses in the sport and is the clear goat in his division by a wide margin. The PED's do taint his legacy, but no one can deny how talented he is
Conor's career is impressive, winning 2 belts, but he did get humiliated in the biggest fight of his career and is coming off a few losses. Also zero title defenses hurts his legacy a lot
Imagining I cared about fighting, I'd go with Jones. Money's good and all but we're way too obsessed with it, as long as I can set up my kiddos alright I don't want nor need mansions or cars or whatever.

Knowing myself I'd try some stunts like Ngannou though, I really appreciate how he set up his opponents too.
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Conor for sure. That’s a lot of money.
Jones is the best MMA fighter of all time but Conor is the winner at life.
Jones, incredible resume, long time champion, 15+ title fights, never ever been dropped or rocked, let alone knocked out. Conor has made a lot of money, but so has Jones, Jones has made an incredible amount of money himself. More than enough to never work a day again for rest of life.
I think I would rather have Conor's. I think any decent MMA fan knew long ago that Conor had skill but it was limited but there is absolutely no argument that he is the biggest draw in the history of MMA and the UFC unless I'm missing someone. The only other two arguments I could see are GSP and Rousey.

While I understand the argument for Jones' resume I do not think he is the all time GOAT. That belongs to GSP imo. I still think he got gifted 2 decisions in his career. A 50/50 fight you could argue in the first Gustaffson fight and a fight he should have lost against Reyes. Also, he tested positive after 2 different fights.
I feel Jones inflicted more punishment than he took. And he has a way better career of course. He also has money, don't be mistaken. I take Jones all the way
only weirdos wont pick jones
you have the best resume
the hardest resume

2 division world champ
move up 50 lbs in weight just to strangle the number HW guy

basicaly your the GOAT
people will remember your name forever