Would Mayweather jr be able to handle big punchers like Hearns and Jackson?

Discussion in 'Boxing Discussion' started by spacetime, Aug 9, 2019.

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    Love Hearns, his fights with Ray Leonard were some of my favorite, even if he lost the 1st and got robbed in the 2nd. In the first fight he took almost everything away from Sugar until the later rnds. I like Hearns chances in a fight with Floyd, but would count Mayweather out at all. Floyd found a way to almost never look vulnerable in an entire career, meanwhile Hearns had plenty of Ls, and May never really had to show his whole hand, did he? Like one fighter ever gave him a truly good fight.

    Mayweather/Jackson would have been fun, but I think Jackson would be the one getting the brain damage from the sustained beating he'd take over 12 from May potshotting him and countering everything
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    So no one ever made it to the top that was a puncher except at heavyweight. Sounds like a load of shite to me. And your definition of a puncher is pretty "elusive", tzu and zarate were great boxers also. What makes zarate a one dimensional puncher? Like I said fuck you talk shit. You statement was that punchers always flop at elite level, which is clearly crap, know your saying that no puncher tops the all time p4p lists. Stop moving to goal posts champ. I quess you think killers like paulie do better at elite levels, because of his "skills" right?
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    i think PBF Mayweather wins with speed easily. Money Mayweather would interesting because i could see him eating some big power shots and possibly getting caught. If he got caught from Jackson it wouldn't be like how he did versus Mosley that is for sure
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    What do you mean?

    He won everything all the time. His problem is marketing and being in the same era as Mike Tyson. Ricardo is the greatest of all time because of his technique, his ability to be strict but have quick fast footwork and tons of power for a small guy. Opposite of Conor who is famous but because of his trash talking not because he is some legendary skilled fighter.

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