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World Cup or Mundials?

kid dynamite

STOP! Bottom Brick!
Mar 20, 2002
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OK so i saw a few threads about the mundials, and ive been away for a week. but isn't the Mundials on thursday and what happened recently was the world cup?
Wrong Forum? Mundials in the Grappling Forum is appropriate. They are both the Mundials, but this weekend is the main one that most people follow.
ok thanks... i always considered the "world championships" as the official mundial and saw the other one as just the world cup
they are both as important. it's only in the US that the campeonato mundial is bigger, due to the major recognition that the gracies have in the USA. since they organize the championship, the american public imediatly thinks this is the major tournament, but the gracies do'nt have the same strenght in brazil, and if you take a look at the media coverage in brazil, you will find out that the copa as big (if not bigger) than the championship. the copa mundial (cup) has more athletes than the championship (they reached a new record this year), plus it has a very large prize money (the main reason why both federations got separated). the only catch is that the gracie-barra RJ boys don't participate in the cup, and the nova uniao guys don't partecipate in the championship... but many fighters give more attention to the cup (because of the prize money).
they are both great tournies, maybe next year i will make it back and compete in both