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Oct 16, 2005
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I've had alot of tendon injuries and have decided to quit heavy weights almost entirely, other than a boxing bag workout using it as a dead weight. does anybody have any suggestions as to some workouts i can do to improve cardio, quickness, muscular endurance and a bit strength, but i don't want too much weight gain as i want to stay in my weight class at 165. My strength is high enough as is, i was benching 225 lbs at this weight before i dislocated half my ribs from a really bad fall in judo from an idiot blue belt. I've got some plyometrics happening to increase explosiveness, but couldn't really think of that many i could do, does anybody know some plyometric excercises i could do? also anything to improve chin, i've been using a judo belt tied to a 20lb weight, and its been working a bit, does anybody know any others? heres the equipment i have to work with.

Door frame (for chinups)
two focus mitts
two 200lb boxing bags one hanging, one free
5-40 lb dumbells
45 lb bench press bar
bench press bench
regular bench
5-45 lb barbell weights
4 5 pound ankle and wrist weights
a small field (50 ft by 25 ft)
mats (maybe 10 ft by 5 feet, but can use bigger ones up to 25 ft by 25 ft
2 pairs MMA gloves
1 pair boxing gloves
2 pairs speed bag gloves
boxing wraps
a whole crapload of judo belts
an old judogi
2 new judogi's
one boxing sparring partner
skipping rope
walls (for wall pushups)
a 3 foot stick

I listed all of the equipment i could possibly think of because i know when i make up workouts i'm usually really inventive, i've used all of these for workouts before, they all work pretty good for something. If anybody knows any plyo, endurance, harsh cardio, or just generally MMA, judo, kickboxing or submission wrestling applicable excercises i could do that would be awsome. I need some plyo for my back, i haven't thought of anything yet (bouncing the weights in one arm row?) thank you for any help you can give me.
You've got more than enough equipment there mate, I've less than that and I've managed to improve my strength and cardio without going neer a "real" gym, try these workouts:

Day one
Stand-up intervals
hit the bag all out for 20 seconds then rest for 10 then hit the bag again, work up to 20 minutes of work rest intervals.
Grappling Intervals
Place the bag on the floor and work on striking from the following positions; gaurd, side control, knee ride and mount, 20 seconds on each going from one to the other with no rest, work up to five minutes.
Jump squat and sprawl - do as many as possible
Medicine ball push-ups, like randy couture does in his training video or on the intro to his fight with Tito - max out
Squat and hop - stand one side of the bag and squat, hop over the bag then squat then hop etc. - max out
Push-ups - max out
(note, only do one set of each and record how you do)

Barbell circuit
Row x 8
upright row x 8
press x 8
squat x 8
squat press x 8
good morning x 8
Do each exercise back to back resting one minute between sets, do three sets

Barbell clean Intervals, Same ratio as stand up intervals, when your able to do ten work intervals add weight.

try it and if you like it i'll give you th other routines i use
Doing stuff like medicine ball clean and thrust and clean intervals will really help your back and you don't need heavy weight so your less likely to incure injury and you will get stronger; my last proper weight workout i did deadlifts for 120kg for 3, went down the gym last week to see if i had gotten stronger whilst being away, did 130kg easy!
do you have any more workouts? I did your workout today and could barely make it through it, it was brutal and I loved it. I'll need to get my hands on a medicine ball as i don't have one. do you know how to make one? I live next to a lake out in a hic ass area in the middle of nowhere. Thanks for the info, i'll be sure to use it heaps.
Grendell great routine...i see you like the team quest any others?
Yer love the team quest stuff as you get more out of it.

OK the day after i do routine one I'm in Uni all day them train MMA at my gym in the evening which is mainly technique and sparing so the next routine i do the day after; it goes like this, monday - routine one, tuesday - MMA, wednesday - routine two( if i feel stiff from mma i go for a swim first, really helps stretch out)

Routine Two

Stand up Intervals- same as before
Grappling Intervals - same as before
Giant set
Passing Gaurd- Start at bottom of bag and move to each side with opposite knee(like Nogeria does alot)
Moving position - just go from as many positions on ground as possible
Knees from side - helps tp snap the hip as you strik to get more power, e.g. if striking with left knee snap right hip back as you land knee
Spend 1 minute on each station, going from one to the other without rest equals one set, rest one minute between sets - 3 sets
Plyometric Circuit Do the same exercises as in Routine One but do only 5 reps then go to next exercise- 3 sets
Take Down Circuit
You need a heavy bag on the ground and a loaded barbell, they need to be spaced about twenty feet apart.
Do shuffle runs leading with you right foot, lapping the bag and the barbell for 4 laps, then do 4 more leading with left foot.
next pick up the barbell and do walking lunges to the bag and back then sprint to the bag and Claen and press it 5-10 times ( straddle the bag and pick it up aboput 2 thirds up to clean and press it then slam it down and pull it back to the right position), next clinch the bag high on the chest and run with it for 4 laps
3 sets
Barbell Circuit-This time only do 3 reps per exercise but go through each circuit 3 times to complete one set- 3 sets
Barbell Clean Intervals same as routine one

hop you like this one, i'll post routine three and four later.

As for medicine balls you can usuallly get them online but you could equallly use a sandbag, or anything that isn't that easy to grip.
Ok here's routine 3

25 minute run, aim for a high pace and add in at least 4 sprints within the run, think of it as having the same rythm as i fight.
Take Down Circuit - as before
Giant set
Stand Up striking
Ground Striking
Kicking and kneeing
Spend 3 minutes on each station moving from one to the other- 3 sets
Jab cross combo lean your ground bag against the wall as a hanging bag will move too much then proceed to throw a jab then a cross; for the first minute go as fast as you can, for the second minute go as hard as you can then the third as fast as you can, rest one minute - 3 sets
Medicine ball Circuit
Swing x 8 (hold ball between legsa and swing up)
wood chop x 8 (step foward with right foot and hold ball at left hip then clean ball to right shoulder, do 8 reps to right then switch and do8 to left)
Curl, Curl and press x 8 ( curl ball once then curl again and press over head equals one rep)
Alternate diagonals x 8 ( hold ball at left hip and swing to right with straight arms and return to left hip then swing ball to right hip and swing to right)
Wall toss x 20 ( throw ball at wall and catch as fast as possible)
Nieder press x 20 ( same movement as wall toss but you don't let go of ball)
Striking sprint intervals us the same timing intervals as the stand up intervals except now in the ten second "rest" period sprint on the spot as fast as you can- work up to ten minutes (i haven't got there yet it hurts like hell!)

P.s> best way i've found for timing is to make a tape with 20 secoonds music them ten seconds silence.
Damn Grendel, where did you come up with these routines?!?!

Quick question, how do you do a good morning on the barbell circuit from routine 1?
1. Using a barbell, stand holding the weight with a shoulder width grip. Position your feet under your hips.
2. Keep a slight bend in your knees, your chest inflated, buttocks out, and your back arched bar should placed.
3. Slowly descend by pushing your hips back until your chest is parallel with the floor.
4. Keep back flat movement should happen at the hips
5. Ascend by following the same path back to the starting position.

Key Points:
1. Maintain a slight arch in your back throughout the entire exercise while keeping your chest up.
2. You should feel a stretch in your lower back and hamstrings.
Thanks for the compliment on the routines, i do a lot of reading on physiology, good books to get are "high intensity training; the mike mentzer way" and search the internet on high interval cardio, research shows intervals have a greater effect on individuals VO2 max and means they can go for for longer, also means less likely to get injured cuz you not working for as long.

Ok guys this is the killer!

the way my week goes is this
monday- routine one
tuesday-uni all day and mma in the evening which i leave to my coach
wednesday- routine two
thursday - routine three and an hours mma in the evening
friday - routine four
saturday - light cardio, cycle or swim
sunday - light cardio, cycle or swim

Routine Four

Medicine ball clean and thrust
set a running clock for twenty five minutes and proceed to do as many clean and thrusts as possible, take as little rest as possible, your aiming to be able to do this non stop for twenty five minutes as you progrees, don't worry about how many reps you do just keep the pace as fast as you can, this is a real killer.
To do the clean and thrust place the ball at your feet; reach down as if deadlifting and proceed to clean the ball to chest level, as it reaches chest level drop down into a squat and explode back uppushing the ball straight up and out of you hands, catch the ball and return to starting position.

thats it for routine four but trust me thats all you need
Here's a routine i use if i'm away from home and can't get any equipment.
With a running clock of twenty five minutes proceed to do 5 pushups followed by 10 moutain climbers (like frank shamrock does) or five each leg, keep going back and forth between the two as fast as you can, this really works your torso well to because you have to keep it straight for the whople 25 minutes
Great routines Grendel...a mix of crossfit style workouts and team quest workouts..very good gonna have to give these a try.
to substitute a medicine ball, just get an old bag,
and stuff it with filler, weight it, 10 pounds, 15, 20

Also if interested in grappling get a BIG travel bag, and
stuff that with stuff and you can practice mound and side stuff pretty well.
heres my schedule for as soon as my knee heals
monday: Full back workout, high repetitions, low weights
tuesday: Muy Thai kickboxing 1.5 hours
wednesday: submission wrestling 2 hours
thursday: Bag work cardio, probably some focus pads too. and 2 hours of Judo
friday: rest
Saturday: intense workout, hardcore cardio, my evil bag workout and probably some sparring Judo 2 hours
sunday: rest

do you think its overtraining? or can u think of a way to juggle it around a bit better? monday and wednesdays at my club r sub wrestling, and tuesdays and thursdays are kickboxing. and tuesday thursday and saturday are judo. and monday thursday are my fitness and conditioning classes for school. if you guys have any suggestions or any brutal workouts to try for the saturday, bring 'em on.