Working full time while preparing for a fight?

Discussion in 'Worldwide MMA Discussion' started by Markomma, Aug 28, 2015.

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    Hello, I just want to get this question answered, because it troubles me for a while. Every pro fighter who is now making his living in the UFC (for me the best organization these days) had to work and fight pro when he was at the very begining of his career. Working full time and training once per day to learn techniques is ok, but what happens when a fight comes up? How do these guys train 2 times per day and still work full time? Because, let's be honest, that you need to train twice a day if you want to fight 5 minute rounds. Please, the more answers the better!
    I would appreciate every answer, but the best would be if I get answers from guys who already have done it or who are already doing it.
  2. Get up earlier in the morning and get your first workout in, then in the evening after work. you will have no social life and be so tired and sick all the time so it is tough.
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    I dont seewhy this needs an answer.. what are you expecting? a magic solution?
    it's a shit life starting out as a pro combat athlete with out being rich with free time.
    Maybe that's why BJ is a legend ... :p
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    Socorro NM
    obviously get up early in the morning and train late after work. I know many pro and amateur fighters at Jackson's that do this.
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    How to deal with long term sleep deprivation?
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    Here is the thing when it comes to training MMA, we are really at the adolescent stages of it. Just with in the last five years has training been getting more scientific. There isn't any proof that training twice a day, once a day, three times a day, or whatever is better or worse for you. The mentality is still train harder you'll be better. NFL has long discredited grueling practice sessions as being beneficial.

    UFC fighters who still need to work usually do it part time with odd hour jobs like security work, service industry work, etc. Most are also help/supported by a GF or living with other fighters trying to make it. Its very common for them work as teachers at the gym to earn money. Some camps have some form living arrangements for up and comers.

    It isn't easy and usually isn't easy in any profession to come the best. Sacrifices must be made.
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    I actually remember them saying the same thing about grueling workouts on the Shamrock v Ortiz TUF season.
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    People overestimate how much training you really need.

    Alot of the guys I know do 3 hours training after work and then a good amount on saturday (while taking Sunday off).

    They work full time and can still put in almost 20 hours a week of MMA training. For a contact sports that's a ton of hours (at the very most you could add an extra hour in the morning to bump to 25).

    Anyone that can train a substantial amount over 20 (lets say 28-32 hours a week) is either a freak athlete or on illegal substances.

    So to answer your question it's not that bad (the whole 2-3 times a day thing isn't needed and people underestimate how much you can do while still having a busy life).

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