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Nov 19, 2004
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Ok. I have started to train again. The rupture in my abdominal wall seems to be fixed and my heel isn't far off. I decided to start not too hard so i can work myself back into after 14 weeks of not training. I will be posting the weight aswell. It isn't much at all but we all have to start somewhere.

Flat BB bench - 5x5 40kg

Overhead press - (with dumbells) 3x6 12kg each (24kg in total)

Dips - 3x7 (own body weight - 63.5kg)

Squats - 3x6 35kg

Overhead dumbell press - 3x7 18kg (both arms)

Machine weighted crunches - 3x9 40 kg

Ab crunches - 4x25

45 minutes focus pad work
ok the rupture wasnt fixed apparently so have had to have another break but im back now
And there off... again

dead lift - 4x5 60 kg
about 20 reps at 20kg talking to gym guy getting my technique right
2x5 50kg

Leg curls 3x6 60kg, 75kg, 75kg

Shrugs - 3x8 40kg

Reverse flys 3x5 12 kg (6 kg each arm)

Machine weighted crunches - 3x8 35kg

Bicep curls - 3x6 25kg

Adduction - 3x6 55kg

Ab crunches - 4x26

Abduction - 3x6 35kg

Reverse flys were a lot more difficult than i thought they would be. and im nakered after the deadlift. That 20 reps with just the 20kg bar was enough.
pork said:
"you can do it"

start doing some pull-ups :D

pull ups are on the 3rd schedulled day. or pull downs if i am feeling weak.

but thanks for the encouragement all the same
Barbell Squats - 5x5 70kg (135lbs)

Hack squats - 2x5 100kg (220lbs) 3x5 90kg (198lbs)

Pull ups - 1x7 wide grip 1x6 wide grip 1x7 narrow grip 1x6 narrow grip 1x3 wide grip

Pull downs - 3x6 wide grip 45kg (99lbs)

Bent over Barbell Rows - 5x5 32.5kg (72lbs)

Dumbell Rows - 4x5 22kg (49lbs) on each arm

Machine weighted crunches - 4x8 35kg (77lbs)

Single leg calf raises - 4x8 each leg 22kg (49lbs)

Ab crunches 26x4

For the squats i did a couple of reps at a lower weight cos i wasnt sure how much to put on.

And i did pull down as wel as pulls ups cos i kinda felt like i cheated with the narrow grip and went back to wide but could only mange 3 so i went to pulldowns to finish off.
Flat BB Bench - 5 reps 1x 37.5kg (83lbs)
2x 40kg (88lbs)
1x 42.5kg (94lbs)
1x 47.5kg (105lbs)
7 reps 1x 50kg (110lbs)

Overhead dumbell shoulder press - 3x6 12kg each arm 24kg total (53lbs)

Dips - 1x10 1x8 1x6

OH dumbell press (triceps) - 8 reps 1x16kg (35lbs) 2x18kg (40lbs)

Machine weighted crunches - 3x8 35 kg (77lbs)

Upright rows - 3x8 20kg (45lbs)

Calf raises - 3x8 20kg extra weight

Ab crunches - 4x26
Ok I actually did this yesterday but my internet was down so i couldn't type it up.

Deadlift - 5x5 65kg (reached a personal goal with this)

Reverse curls - 3x8 20kg

SLDL - 3x6 65kg

Shrugs - 3x8 40kg (20 each arm)

Farmers walk - 3x30 seconds 40kg (20kg each arm)

Reverse flys - 3x5 12kg

Machine weighted Crunches - 3x8 35kg

Bench press - 5x5 1x40kg 2x50kg 2x55kg

Adduction - 3x6 60kg

Hammer curls - 3x8 1x24kg 2x20kg

Abduction - 3x8 40kg

Ab crunches - 4x31

I put the bench in cos i hadn't trained in a few days and didn't have a bench day for another 4-5 days so i thought i would throw it in.
Knee injured at jiu jitsu. No deadlift or squat until it's fixed
Flat BB bench
1x5 45kg
1x5 47.5kg
1x5 50kg
2x5 55kg

SOHP shoulder - 3x5 24kg

Dips - 1x8, 2x6

SOHP double Tricep - 3x6 18kg

Machine weighted crunches - 3x8 35kg

Hammer curls - 3x8 20kg

Calf raises - 3x8 20kg

Ab crunches - 4x31
Falt BB bench -
1x5 - 45kg
1x5 - 47.5kg
1x5 - 50kg
1x5 - 52.5kg
1x5 - 55kg

SOHP shoulder -
1x5 24kg
3x5 28kg

Calf raises (single leg) - 3x8 20kg

Dips - 3x6

Machine weighted crunches - 4x8 35kg

Hammer curls - 4x8 20kg

SOHP tricep - 3x8 16kg

Ab crunches - 3x41
when i was squating, the gym guy spotting me noticed i was twisting. He recons it's a combination of my bad knee (it seemed fixed to me) and that fact i took it easy for so long on that leg cos if the fractured heel. To fix this, he suggested some single leg stuff untill i stop the twisting.

Barbell squats -
1x12 20kg
1x7 70kg
1x7 75kg
3x7 80kg

Single leg hack squats - 4x8 50kg

Pull ups - 3x7

Pull downs -
1x8 45kg
1x8 50kg
1x8 55kg

Bent over barbell rows -
1x8 25kg
1x8 30kg
2x8 35kg

Calf raises -
2x8 26kg
2x6 50kg

Dumbell rows - 3x8 20kg

Machine weighted crunches - 3x8 40kg

Farmers walk - 5x30 seconds 40kg