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women grapplers


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May 29, 2005
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Are there any female grapplers on the forum, just curious to see if grappling has spilled over to women in regards of popularity; do alot of you guys train w/women or have women in your school or just know women who train.
I hear grappling is becoming more popular; but i have only known about 5 women who grapple in the entire time i have been doing martial arts, just was curious as to what ur exp were.
We got 1 girl that comes very regularly, 2 the come occasionally (like once a week) and one that rarely comes (once a month). At tourneys it seems like its a about a 1:50 girl guy ratio though.
Most of the ones I've grappled with completely new to grappling. Lots of males, especially ones with wrestling background. That's because grappling has apparently become bad-ass.
ive seen a few girls in my class so far at 10th planet JJ
there where two girls at the last comp I was at and we all stayed to watch them.
well they go at it and one goes for a grip and cuts the other girls lip with her fingernail...and the fight was over...it was about 13seconds long...it was AWESOME!..hehe
we have a few girls at fabios, right now theres a few blues, one purple and one brown belt that owns most of the guys she rolls with
No girls train at Rickson's. It's for dudes only.
I'm not sure how popular this sport has become with women, but I do know that my instructors wife is a freakin little bad ass. she weighs about 110 and taps guys out all the time.
I train judo with quite a few girls. I am counting 6 now compared to maybe 14 or 15 guys.
Girls might feel a little nervous about training grappling for the first, so when you train with them put them at ease by suggesting they put you in their guard. After that, show her you "upa" when you get her to mount you. This will ensure she has a good time, and comes back to class.
I know more females that do kickboxing/japanese jijitsu/judo than I know females that do grappling. I think the whole rolling around with guys you don't know very well part puts off a lot of females. The remainder are either mentally mature enough to grapple with men and not care or are butch as fuck.
Got one at our class who comes all the time. She's done boxing before I think.
I 've seen about three at our class over the years. One was a judo BB though.

They have women's matches at competitions here. Everyone watches. I need to get some video next time.
yeah most of the girls i know do standup arts boxing/thai boxing/karate, hardly anyone grapples at all; like i said i knew of five. they were all really good, but still... guess it is just not a big thing; maybe in other areas of the country. But in texas..not really
2 at my school, 1 purple and 1 white belt.
there was a couple doing private lessons then there is a lesbian one that also was private lessons