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Woah, Rory MacDonald Was Referenced in a Style Article


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Nov 10, 2009
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It's Askmen.com so it isn't Vogue(I don't know the name of any style magazines :() or anything but I think it's pretty cool. I used to read Askmen.com a lot in the day so it feels like a big deal to me. It's an article about Men's Hairstyles for 2013:

Classic: The side part will continue to be popular this year because it flatters all face shapes, it
He pulls off the "He was so quiet and nice I can't believe he had a basement full of bodies" look pretty well.
Condit is better looking.

It's kind of hilarious that two years ago rory was rocking Jordan's and white tees and now he's Mr Style(not that there is anything wrong with Jordan's, Jordan 4 military blue for life).
Not surprising. The man knows style.

Condit is better looking.


I wonder who is responsible for Condit's disturbingly attractive beard transformation. It's single handedly (heheheh) made me a little gay.

And yes, certainly more than Rory "I have to return some video tapes" McDonald.
He dresses like a goober, his hair is lame, and I'm pretty sure he wears glasses just to wear them, and I hate guys that do that, especially with thick frames.

4/10 would not bang.
I rock the deep part just like my grand pops used to when he was my age. It's a pretty classic american look. I'm mixed with Filipino too and all my relatives say it's classic Filipino style as well. If you have the hair, why not?
Hope he realizes down the road that he just needs to be himself and then takes "The Waterboy" back as his nickname -- that would make a pretty cool after school, made-for-TV movie
He doesn't have style! The people who start from scratch to design what he picked out a store do! I hate when people take credit for other designers work! There's a big BIG difference in designing clothes from scratch and picking clothes out at a store, trust me, it's hard. He just coppied what EVERYONE! Else is dressing like and then calls himself a fashion starter, how fuckin lame. Kanye west found that out real quick when he thought he could design for lv because he thought he dressed cool and said he was a designer and we all know how that turned out! :)

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