Wlad wants to postpone defence vs Povetkin


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Apr 21, 2006
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Latest news is that K2 Promotions want to postpone the fight between the two because WBA had previously guaranteed that after the Haye fight Wlad will have a 2 year period before any obligations for next title defence.
Bernd Bendte (the manager of Klitschko) said, "We want to discuss the situation with the WBA management and only then we can take further decisions".
According to some magazines RTL officials have said that until May there wouldn't be a match between Klitchko and Povetkin.
There will never be a fight between Wlad and Povetkin. The latter will do everything in his power to avoid it.
Doubt Kostya will have Povetkin avoid the match up.
Obvious duck! Will Povetkin EVER get his shot? No, I am kidding.
clearly they felt a need to let the fight stew a bit
wlad by povetkin not showing up