Witter: I'll fight Hatton for free


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Nov 25, 2007
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Hatton said he didn't want the fight because Witter didn't have a title.
Now that he has a title, Hatton said he didn't want it because Witter was talking too much trash and didn't deserve a big payday, so now Witter's sayin he'll do it for free.

I think this fight will be made eventually, and I guarantee witter won't do it for free, But if you live in Great Britain you gotta be waitin for this one.
Yea, I don't think Witter will fight Hatton for anywhere near free, but I'd like to see this fight. Witter has been calling Hatton out for years and I would have to believe this would be a pretty big money fight in the UK.
Witter is thinking about the future. A big win over Hatton will give him substantially higher paydays.
Sounds like somebody is trying to stir up interest in a Witter-Hatton fight. Witter might want to watch what he wishes for......
You'd get beaten into a coma for free?

Believe it or not yes I would. The whole experience would be enough in itself, but just think of all the appearences and media deals I'd get. It's not like you wouldn't make a lot of side money.

Plus getting KO'd isn't a big deal, it's not like the fight would last long anyway.


Sig/Av bet?

As always !

I outweigh Ricky by 60lbs, so I must be the favourite. I'll give you 3-1 odds to make it fair.
People really need to stop saying Hatton isn't ducking Witter.
i like Ricky, but instead of going after Mayweather again, he needs to fight Witter.