Windy or Twins? you tell me


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Nov 19, 2004
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I Bought some Twins 16oz Muay Thai gloves about 2 weeka ago and the guy just told me that he cant get hold of the ones i want (Black and White tiger desing). He has offered to get the Black and white tiger design but by 'Windy' and claims they are actually better. Any truth behind this before i go ahead with it?
They're both great companies. They have kind of a different feel to them, but both really good. He's not ripping you off; Windy isn't any less quality. I'd say Windy is to Twins as Ringside is to Title. Both pretty even.
thanks. I gotta admit the design on the Windy gloves is a bit better but wasnt too sure
I'm leaning towards windy. It's just the material looks a bit cheaper than the Twins
Woob said:
I'm leaning towards windy. It's just the material looks a bit cheaper than the Twins
wrong, twins r a million times better
how about INTER Muay Thai gear?
any comments for it?
Woob said:
I'm leaning towards windy. It's just the material looks a bit cheaper than the Twins

Its either



I have exactly does :D I really prefer laces therfore my choice is with Windy.


Jesus, look how bloated Wand is there. He really does crank up the juice in between fights.
I like sakuraba more so go with the ones he is wearing
I have those gloves that Wand is using. Got them from DM-Extreme ( I believe that is the site). SOmeone from this board refred me to them. They are based in Iowa, great service and quick shipping.
All my trainers and coaches use twins, so i'd go with twins personally.
i was considering buying some of the equipment off of, he is selling the "Thunder" brand equipment and gloves. Anybody have any experience with it? I figured if Bas was marketing it, it must be at least pretty good. I've also heard of Windy and Twins, but would you rank those brands better than the Thunder brand????....thanks.
LOL! of course bas is selling thoses Thunder, go with the twins... Peraphs Thunder are good, but we don't know. Whereas we all know twins or windy
If Bas is such a good fighter and a stand up guy, why would he market some product that's unproven, or not very well known? Just curious.... I'll probably go with one of the other brands but it seems a little funny.

One more question as far as gloves goes. Do you need to try on the gloves before you buy them? Some of the new one's i've put on have been pretty tight on my hands. After putting on wraps it seems like some of them wouldn't really fit. But maybe they stretch out a lot. I don't know b/c i've never bought a new pair. Do any particular brands run larger or smaller than others? Do Windy and Twins run about the same sizing? .....thanks
Newsflash, they are made in the same factory and used to be the same company. go with whats cheapest, they are the same.