Wind Sprints


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Oct 2, 2002
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Since my jumprope is fuxored and i have access to a track, how are windsprints for fight conditioning, ie sprint straights and jog corners.

I do 800m reps of these rest or walk a lap and do another..

anyone else do this for conditioning or think this is a good plan?
I do that twice a week. I do 1600 meters (8 sprints) after a 2 lap warmup jog, and I increase the number of sprints every week or so. They're ok for interval training, though for fight conditioning it may not be your best route. Consider tabatas, or 200 meter or 400 meter sprints instead. It really depends on your current conditioning. I've been staggering my progress, one session 7 sprints, the next 8 sprints, the next 9, then 8, then 9, then 10. When I get past 12 I'll start on 200 meter sprints and mix in some other types of training from time to time. of course, I'm in no hurry to get better conditioning really, so I'm not sure if I'd reccomend the same thing for you, especially if you have a fight comming up.

For some fun intervals, you could download my randonimity program from my site and check out the warrior running generator.
Sprints are good, but for fight conditioning you need to make sure you are doing something else as well. Try doing a sprint, then immediately doing a set of 10 downups, pushups, situps, or other body weight exercise. Then walk the same distance you sprinted, jog the same distance, then do another sprint and a different exercise. I do this on a football feild where i start at one end, sprint to halfway, drop and do downups, then walk to the end, jog across the goalline, and turn the corner hard into another sprint down the other side and repeat. Then i end it by bearcrawling for 100 yards.

start with 8 50 yard sprints and two or four bodyweight exercises and work your way up this is a great way to start building your overall conditioning, but its easy to slack off if you do it by yourself, so id recommend timing yourself or competing with someone else.
Urban said:
For some fun intervals you could download my randonimity program from my site and check out the warrior running generator.

Fun? You fucking serious? That shit is hard as hell... damn you and your knowledge.. one day!!