Will Zabit show up like Adensaya did?

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by JustOnce, Nov 8, 2019.

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    So one thing about Adensaya looked like to me was that, and I think some were saying too, was that he doesn't have that knock out power. I mean, he can, but he doesn't seem to have that knock out punches like some of the strikers do. He's a diverse, slick guy, but he doesn't seem to have a whole lot of punching power, though obviously if you hit someone the right way at the right time, most guys can go down no power or power.

    It looks like Zabit is similar, tho obviously more well rounded. These guys seem to have a great striking skills, but for whatever reason, doesn't seem to have THAT knock out power in their hands necessarily, but boom Adensaya knocks out Robert in a highlight reel manner.

    In my opinion, it's like Nelson. I know lot of people isn't on his bandwaggon anymore, but I still like the guy. The problem was, i think we found out was that, he just wasn't as dangerous on the feet as we thought, because he just didn't have that power. It became that he just was a ground game guy, who set up his BJJ with his Karate, not someone who can enforce his Karate or the threat of the stand up game, and when that happens, and when you fight someone who can keep it standing, then it becomes an issue.

    Nelson, Zabit and Adensaya were all interseting prospects, I mean, Nelson really didn't pan out so it might be hard to imagine now, but he looked great leading in, he wasn't any less of a prospect than Conor, Khabib, Pico was, in my opinion anyways.

    I still don't think Adensaya really has that power in his hands. He just executed it perfectly and he hit it the way Rob couldn't see. I wonder Zabit will show up like Adensaya did.
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    I think P4P Adesanya has more power than Zabit. Zabit is the more well rounded mixed martial artist. Don't forget Whittaker is soft as shit, he went through WARS with Yoel doing irreversable damage to his chin.
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    It's hard to say because kattar is one of the best boxer and power punchers in FW. And he's tough as nails. So I don't think zabit can't finish Katter on the feet but I think he could finish him once the fight hit the ground.
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    Katya has trouble with non stationary opponents...
    Zabit ez UD.

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