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will the rubber chest strap eliminate rash


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Sep 18, 2009
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Hey whats up. About october i started using a chest strap. After about a month i had had it. I stopped training with it. I still have bumps on my chest and i want to take a sanding pad to it to sand these things off. Its been 2 months and i'm still showing signs of having used the polar product. No more redness or itching but bumps.

So i can wear a rash guard under it or i can try that rubber model polar chest strap.

I want to start training again because i purchased the watch with the feature i want to cycle into my training during the week. I don't want to go back to rashes.

What did you do to remedy your problem.
Once you were healed did the rubber strap protect you from the problems with the cloth strap?
What exactly is a chest strap?

In case you weren't kidding:

Heart rate monitor
Ah, ok. I thought it was an assistance tool like the slingshot or something along those lines.