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Will Noons Get a Shot?


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Jan 15, 2011
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Complete robbery tonight, I can see Zuffa giving him a fight based on his performance. What do you guys think?
He may get a shot, but honestly how far can you see him going in the 155 division? I personally can't see him doing all that well in the UFC.
Dana was on twitter calling that fight bullshit, I'm sure he's gonna get a shot.
Little baby leg kicks should not have won Ryan that fight
I don't see KJ making a serious run at the belt. However his fighting style is always exciting.
he was robbed, he won't go far in the ufc...but he should have his day, he won that fight...
I would like to see him in the UFC. I'm not sure how well he would do but he always puts on good fights.

And it sucked seeing him get screwed by the judges tonight.
I think Noons would be better going back to boxing, he talks too much smack to be so 1-dimensional. He loses the same way everytime. I agree the decision tonight was controversial but someone of Noons' caliber shouldn't have close fights to someone like Couture.
Dana said he won the fight so hopefully he'll get a shot
I hope UFC brings him in he always puts on good fights, hey he's even got a win over Nick.
Dana likes good looking fighters and KJ is VERY easy on the eyes, he should get a chance.
Noons vs Nate Diaz would sell, not saying I want to see the fight, but people would watch
I had Noons as the winner too. He showed nice head movement.

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