Will Mike Perry be the guy to redeem MMA?

Perry would win if it was BKFC but he's not going to outbox Jake.
Paul is much bigger.

Bare knuckle and Perry would eat him alive and make him quit.

But with big padded gloves to protect Paul and with Paul's size advantage, I unfortunately think Paul is the favorite.

Make no mistake...Perry would rearrange his face and rattle his brain bare knuckle, though.
Perry is probably going to lose. Paul is equally as skilled but bigger. In BKFC Perry will win. Perry is willing to take more punishment in the face than Paul.
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He might, but thing is Perry is still a lot smaller than Jake and at fight time will likely be giving up 20+ lbs and he is not used to boxing with gloves on. However Perry will likely press forward and make Jake fight...which is something no one has done yet, so even with the disadvantages he may give us all what we want to see and that is Jake wilt and Perrish.
It's quite incredible how even a lot of MMA fans still don't seem to understand the basic premise of Mixed Martial Arts.