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Wii Fit Story - Commitment pays off

Wait a second...
he started doing light cardio (wii) for an hour or more a day, and ate less junk food...
and he lost weight?


Shirtless pics were for sure a DO NOT WANT addition to the article.
I really, really want to laugh at him, but I can't. At least he's realistic and managed to motivated himself ot get off his ass and do something. Maybe it'll spill over into the rest of his life and convince him to start doing Tabata. Tabata Wii Fit!

On a related note, anyone know how good good Wii Fit is for balance training? I"m sure it's not as good as doing flat-footed squats on my wobble board, but it might be a fun alternative.
Double post. :(

Odd that the DP safeguard didn't work.
Don't discount the Wii's fit making abilities just yet. Apparently, the new boxing game on Wii, Don King's Prizefighter, contains and boxing based exercise program that was developed by "top boxing trainers". The games uses the Wii Balance Board (part of the Wii fit package).

Quote: " The Wii we're excited about, because everyone's craving a proper boxing game on the Wii where you can use the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk.

But in addition to that, we're bringing Wii Fit and the Balance Board - you'll be able to use those for training. So stuff like the jump rope game we have, you can be on the Balance Board and have the Wii Remote in your back pocket.

We have top boxing trainers putting together a workout routine, and using the BMI indicators that Nintendo put out you can actually get a boxing workout using Wii Prizefighter."

Source: http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=186860

Good night.
Wait until Bas Rutten releases his workout for the Wii... he'll KNOW that you're dropping your hands and missing combinations...
Wait until Bas Rutten releases his workout for the Wii... he'll KNOW that you're dropping your hands and missing combinations...

Now that would be interesting. I wonder if they'll sell a piece that goes with it to kick you in the head when you do drop them.
I very much doubt anyone on the boards is going to use this.

But as a game i reckon it will help alot of people get fitter since they will enjoy the game, as opposed to alot people hating excerise. Getting the world to get off its ass and do fitness in whatever form is a good thing.
Anything that gets people sweating has to be a benefit so although its not great its a start!
I guess if it works for him then good for him, but i know there are more efficent ways to go about getting in shape.
I still haven't tried out Dance Dance Revolution... I'd like to see the Wii Fit boxing game, though. Maybe I'll get the chance the next time I take a trip to Best Buy.
This obviously isn't for serious atheletes but I think anything that encourages your Average Joe couch potato to get up and be more active is a positive thing. I don't think people are worried enough about the growing/current level of obesity in Western society.