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Why judo/bjj/wrestling/grappling initially?

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Mar 7, 2005
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what were your reasons for entering (initially)?

You CAN choose more than 1.

It is NOT a public poll.
I love fighting, tried some pankration, have had the bug ever since, just started training BJJ, and I love it.
I was over 200 pounds and didn't want to get diabetes and die by 30.
I picked the top two, fitness and fighting.

Needed to get back in shape and I love personal combat sports.
It looked like fun, I used to memorize King's moves in Tekken 2 and try them on people way before I started training.

And I loved wrestling when I was a kid, trying to take down and control my friends who were bigger than me.
Self defense! Get a gun or train in kali, which is all about street fighting if you want self-defense.

yeah Bjj/Judo/Wrestling/Sambo makes me tough and strong, but not stonrg enough against a bullet or perhaps a knife.:icon_twis
I was over 200 pounds and didn't want to get diabetes and die by 30.

Smart man. Working as an EMT i saw everyday what smoking and fat does to your body. People don't realize how hard it is on you.

I started grappling because a friend did judo and showed me some moves. It was interesting. I went to the Nissei (sp?) games with him in LA and was intrigued enough to want to sign up.

Self defense! Get a gun or train in kali, which is all about street fighting if you want self-defense.

I have long thought self defense is a myth. Pepper spray, gun, taser > Fist, feet, hips...and cheaper, but not as fun
I would not say that self defense is a myth. I am training in BJJ for military and personal reasons. For military, we train with a rifle and pistol as our primary and secondary weapons, expandable baton and OC (pepper) spray as non lethal means, but the hands on training is extremely important as well. It all helps you to be a more well rounded fighter and less dependant on one tool.
Started wrestling at a young age, and I didnt want to wrestle in college so I moved on to bjj.

Also I got into mma because of the Pride videogame for ps2.
i clicked all them but mainly was combat and then fitness reasons.
I love to impose my physical will upon people. But, it doesn't always work out that way...
#1) I have always loved any kind of physical sport

#2) Fitness. Seriously what gets you in shape more than grappling?

#3) Social. I love talking grappling with the people in my class and even the yahoos on this board. Grapplers are a brotherhood (mixed with some tough females)
started judo as a kid first, dunno why really, everybody did it. my family could'ny afford hockey aned I wanted to do something in the winter months

later got into watching MMA and started rolling with a few dudes, moved back to my hometown and started judo again


When I first saw Royce Gracie defeat Dan Severn, I thought it was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen.

But I'll admit that jiu jitsu has become more of a philosophical thing for me, as well.
I didn't start training for "philosophical" reasons, but it has evolved into that for me, just the idea of a sort of physical chess as opposed to running into a ring and tossing bombs is more appealing.

I start for the combat though
school wrestling team seemed fun. Judo and BJJ came from there.
I used to always love wrestling (muck around fighting.. not the sport) with mates. In my final years of high school we had a kind of underground 'wrestling' league thing, with $$$ bets... I was scheduled to fight some guy much much bigger than me; one rich dude even placed $1000 on him - the official fight never happened because somebody leaked it and the school staff found out. We had an unofficial fight and I won with a bulldog choke/crank in about 20-30 seconds :D
"Martial Arts" should help in most of those areas, if not by changing you physically, then psychologically. The social one depends on the person I think, but the former three are the most popular I'd assume.
i always wanted to do something(grappling wise) and as soon as a i got a job that had a schedule that i could always be able to go i started judo going 3 times(year and a half ago) a week for fitness and then i started getting better threw a brown belt when i was a yellow at a tournament took silver at the provincials that same year at green belt and now iam a blue , iam starting bjj in the summer and hopefully gonna start blending the two judo/bjj together to really help me .

that and it help me lose 25 pounds .

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