Why GSP and Jones are the really GOATs (From a pure MMA point of view)

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by dragonsfly, Nov 11, 2017.

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    Fedor had more ways to beat you than to blitz you . His patience against cro cop was phenomenal . His ground work against nog and herring was fantastic . I think the best odds to beat fedor in his prime was actually to blitz him . The problem was that he was good enough to hang with people at their strengths while also being good enough to beat them at their weaknesses . I think your analysis is off but I do agree that GSP and Jones were more likely to win safely than he was .
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    Ya there is a reason that most of the top guys in MMA history have been of more traditional powerful builds and not the tall lanky types like Jones or Anderson. Typically long limbs are a disadvantage as the more powerfully built guys muscle in and control distance and keep the fight tight and bully the longer limbed less powerful. Fedor did that throughout his career and proved the shorter more powerful limbs were his advantage over the lanky guys and their long limbs.
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    GOAT by definition has to be a HW.

    Would you consider the best basketball player of all time to be a guy that plays in short people leagues? There is a guy that has accolades.

    To be the best you gotta beat the best. And GSP and Jones never did that.

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