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Why do you think the Blackzillians aren't creating world beaters?


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Jul 28, 2007
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When you look at big names you need to look no further than those that train with the Blackzillians at Imperial Athletics. The paychecks coming from fighters that train at that camp are amongst the biggest in the sport. The sheer talent at that camp should, in theory, be producing belt holders. However, the performances coming from the Blackzillians leaves something to be desired. They are producing a mixed bag of wins and losses. The talent at the camp should be producing something much better than a mixed bag. One would think to expect greatness out of that camp, but this just isn't the case.

What is your theory?
They lack athleticism and explosiveness.
There's not a lot of "world beaters" in the sport. Anderson, Gsp, Also...Maybe that's way?
Cuz they're all fighting down to Melvin Guillard's level.
are you suggesting all it takes to be the best of the best is ambition and money?
Well, it is a relatively new camp.

Also, I don't think I agree with the sentiment that the Blackzillians are not doing well enough.

I mean, Spong just had his debut and won impressingly(not considering his opponent). Rashad is quality, a top fighter, Jones is just near impossible to stop atm. Overeem is one fight away from a title shot, which he very well may win. Michael Johnson has improved leaps and bounds. Rumble is improving.

They have a very strong selection of fighters. Although, that is not guaranteed to be a recipe for success, but give it some time.

Also, look at the champions(UFC) atm, they are all incredible. Being a champion in the biggest promotion in the world, which I'm guessing you are saying, is not an easy feat.
Rashad lost to Jones, no shame in that. Overeem's been on the sidelines, those are the two best guys there. Melvin Guilliard gets choked out by sweaters and Thiago Silva doesn't even remember what color normal urine is.

Tons of UFC caliber guys there, but not world champ coaching or world champ fighters.
I wonder if the Blackzilians are the most hated on camp in MMA.

They're certainly up there.
They haven't been around that long as a team;
Even Jackson's have wins and losses and they are considered the most succesful camp. They have some real big names like Jones, which gives the impression that they win way more than they lose, but keep in mind there are some less talented guys there to balance things.
The same goes for Nova Uni
What is your theory?

Other camps have better fighters.

Their fighter with the best chance to become champ fights in the same divison as Jon Jones.

Overeem hasn't fought for the UFC title yet.

Those are my theories.
I wonder if the Blackzilians are the most hated on camp in MMA.

They're certainly up there.


My favorite fighters. I am a big Blackzillian fan. I wish they were the #1 team in all of MMA.
Seems the Blackzillians are doing just fine - Aldo, Anderson, Barao.
Law of averages
I wonder if the Blackzilians are the most hated on camp in MMA.

They're certainly up there.

My sentiments are a bit different. I think their camp and the fighters in it are some of the more popular and explosive of the camps out there. Although their not champions currently training there, that's not to say that their not world beaters. There can only be one champion in each division ya know
Overeem, Alvarez, and Anthony Johnson are going to be champs soon. Don't know why blackzilians get so much hate
how many fighters did they actually produce?

All of their guys have been fighters for years they just switched camps, its to early to tell but in the next 3-5 years I think a number of very good fighters will come out of their camp.